Friday, December 5, 2008

The Lady With The Sewing Machine

Across the fields as green as spinach,
Cropped as close as Time to Greenwich,
Stands a high house; if at all,
Spring comes like a Paisley shawl.
Patternings meticulous
And youthfully ridiculous.
In each room the yellow sun
Shakes like a canary, run
On run, roulade, and watery trill.
Yellow, meaningless, and shrill.
Face as white as any clock's,
Cased in parsley-dark curled locks.
All day long you sit and sew,
Stitch life down for fear it grow,
Stitch life down for fear we guess.
At the hidden ugliness.
Dusty voice that throbs with heat,
Hoping with your steel-thin beat
To put stitches in my mind,
Make it tidy, make it kind,
You shall not: I'll keep it free
Though you turn earth, sky and sea
To a patchwork quilt to keep
Your mind snug and warm in sleep!

~Dame Edith Sitwell~


  1. perfect image for the beautiful poem

  2. that was one heartfelt poem. lovely photo too.

  3. Love this poem about this relic! I have an old Singer looks just like that!

  4. Denise I whish someone would put stiches in my mind and tidy it up ...Lovely Photo dont see many treadle sewing machine now People like me bought them all up ripped them apart and converted them to tables....I used to own a furniture/junk store and clear houses. Thanks for dropping by my blog XX Don

  5. Lawstude, so glad you enjoyed the poem and my photo.

    Naturegirl, lucky you to have one of these.

    Don, I know the feeling. It's a shame to think of all those beautiful old machines taken apart.

    Thank you all for stopping by. Always a pleasure to see you here.

  6. I love these old machines, they are so beautiful. Great photograph of it.

  7. A lovely poem and a lovely post, Denise. don't we all remember sewing machines?

  8. Thank you Titania, I think most of us do remember. Though I was telling some 'youngsters' how I used to watch Hopalong Cassidy at the Saturday matinees growing up and they said, "Who?"

  9. Very interesting poem! And I loved the photo that you posted for it! Very nice!