Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celia's Photos

In this post are photos from Celia's camera. The following four photos were on the whale watching trip.

These were taken while driving around the island.

Celia found some real pretty wildflowers.

We came across these little doves.....

.....and a cute little cat.

I will be posting other photos Celia took as we go along. It's always fun and interesting to see photographs through another person's eyes.


  1. Great photos!

    I wish to you and yours a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

  2. Great photos - great looking family. (The island looks nice too)
    How'd ya do in the power outage? I blogged about it today and am a bit surprised you never even mention it. Vacation's great, aint it? ENJOY! Aloha-

  3. I was thinking about you, too, Denise when we had that power outage. I saw that you'd written in Cloudia's blog about the cold shower. Oh dear! I hope everything is back to normal for you now.

  4. How much fun are you having? Great photos!!