Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Watery Wednesday

I am always happy to join in sharing photos at Watery Wednesday, a fun meme hosted by 2sweetnsaxy at Eyes Mind Heart. Please visit by clicking on the icon below to share your own photos or just to enjoy looking at watery photos from all over the world.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to visit the Everglades. It was an amazing experience and I would love to go there again one day, especially at the time we went which was in April. When we first arrived and started walking around we heard a very strange sound. It was almost like a loud chirping. At first we thought it may have been from the birds but after a while we started thinking these strange noises must have been coming from hundreds of frogs, and wondered if they were on steroids! Finally we were told that they were the mating calls of the Alligator. We saw dozens of them, it was incredible to see them in their natural habitat.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on this as Jack Hanna is on Letterman and they are showing the smallest micropod in the world, a baby Red Rock Wallaby and also a Red Kangaroo. Just found out a group of kangaroos is called a 'mob'. I think I may have known that before as it sounds familiar. Okay there's a commercial on I can continue about those other wonderful animals, the Alligator. Everywhere we walked when we looked in the water there they were and all the time those loud chirping calls echoed everywhere, which to a person who has never heard an Alligator before was mesmerizing.

Jack Hanna is back, he is now showing an Ardvark -fascinating but here I am trying to tell you about the Alligator. I'm lost, my attention has been drawn to the small lion cub on screen. He's growling, so cute! Now there's a Macaque eating a banana. Okay, all animals have gone, no more time so Letterman says, and they've said goodbye to Jack and all the beautiful animals and there's another commercial. I've lost all interest so I will continue with telling you about our friend the Alligator.

Scientists say that the species is more than 150 millions years old and managed to avoid extinction 65 millions years ago when their prehistoric contemporaries, the dinosaurs, died off. But then I have just read a comment by Eve at Sunny Side Up and she said not to buy into all dinosaurs dying off, just look up into the sky. That made me think - thanks Eve - so I found this website which says a lot of interesting things about the relationship between birds and dinosaurs. Isn't it great what we find out through the wonderful world of blogging?
American alligators reside nearly exclusively in the freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes of the southeastern United States, primarily Florida and Louisiana. A bit ungainly out of water but are great swimmers. The males are between 10-15 feet (3 to 4.6 meters) in length and can weigh 1,000 pounds (453 kg). Females grow to a maximum of 9.8 feet (3 meters).

You can find out more about them here.


  1. Great shots and great post. I can't imagine being that close to an alligator that wasn't behind a fence at the zoo. :-) You make me smile being distracted by the Letterman show. It's not on here yet but will be in 15 mins. Now I have to make sure I watch it to see what you were talking about.

  2. Good explain.... I haven't this animal at home...
    Smile for You...
    See You later !

  3. Now just how cool is that?!! I got to watch letterman through you and you do a great Jack Hanna teaching about gators!! This was fun, let's do it again next week! :D

  4. Simply amazing and intimidating images, great work. I must say I really enjoyed my visit to your blog so I added you to my followers list so I can be sure and return often. Thanks for sharing!

    Regina In Pictures

  5. Ok Denise this was a fun post even with your ADHD moments!! Ha Ha!! The one thing I want to say is don't totally buy into the dinosaurs "dying off"...next time you go outside look up...you might see a dino fly by!

  6. I loved the commentary with the photos.

  7. Great photos. My favorite little park (Lake Seminole Park) when we go to FL has signs everywhere to beware of the alligaters. Never seen one there, but I keep my eyes open as we wander the trails.

  8. Wow ..those are great alligator shots! I like the ones in the grass...lovely color contrast. I enjoyed the commentary on Jack Hanna, too, but kept wishing it was "real time" and I could tune into what you were watching!

  9. What a wonderful series of photos...gators are fine to look at, hope you weren't too close.

  10. Alligators look so...awe-inspiring! With these big eyes...ready to eat you with one bite!!!

  11. Hi Everyone,

    2sweetnsaxy, hope you got to see that show.

    Webradio, thank you and see you later too.

    GMJ, what a lovely compliment, see you next week :)

    Migs CFL Fan, thank you and I appreciate you adding me to your list.

    Eve, I've been looking up in the sky all morning.

    Lilly, thank you, I sometimes wonder if I babble on just a tad ;)

    Leedra, I will have to remember that little park for when we go down that way next.

    Mary, thank you, it is very beautiful down there.

    Darla, n, wasn't really that close. I have a zoom lens. I've heard how fast those alligators move, just ask Klaus ;)

    Marina, they are very impressive animals and oh boy, can they bite!

    Thank you to all of you for dropping by. It is such an enjoyable part of my day to read your comments. It sometimes takes me a while to return the favor but I love all your blogs and will be visiting as soon as I can.

  12. P.S. This is to answer your question on my EMH blog. No, I've never taken a photography class but always wanted to. I try some of the different setting but mostly use the Auto. I want to learn more so that I can do more and not miss so many great shots. I miss A LOT.

  13. What terrific shots! They look like you were so close - don't think I could have done it. :)

  14. What a great post Denise - and fantastic photos to go with it. I thought I was a bit of an expert on dinosaurs, having spent several weeks with my 8 year old grandson, who went through his book with me on many an afternoon, explaining all about it. Looks like I may have to investigate further. But back to alligators - fancy them having a chirping mating call - you would expect more of a roar wouldn't you. Think you were brave to be that close though.

    A x

  15. 2sweetnsaxy, thanks for getting back to me on that. I miss a lot of shots too and am very thankful that the digital camera was invented. For instance, four squirrels on my back deck this morning, before I knew it I had shot 154 photos in a two hour period. All auto I might add. There's got to be at least one good one in there - lol.

    Carletta, no I wasn't that close, I have a zoom and believe me, I don't get close to those guys.

    Anne, that must have been a special visit to share with your grandson. I love learning and appreciate it more than I ever did. I find something to photograph and try to find out as much as I can about it afterwards. Knowledge is all powerful and a fun thing, as long as I do it at my own speed these days :) Yes, you would think they'd have more of a loud roar, maybe they didn't want to scare the ladies - or gents - off, who knows. And believe me, I wasn't brave, there was a zoom lens and a sturdily built stone wall between the 'gators and me.

    Enjoyed visiting with you ladies :) Thanks for stopping by.

  16. I enjoyed this post and the info on alligators...Happy Wednesday

    New Rambling Woods Site

  17. Loved your story on the chirps of the alligators.