Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Short Video at the end of the Dinner Cruise

Just to manage expectations this isn't a great video. I move it around a little bit too quickly and you can hear the wind rustling on the audio part, hardly any other people on it I'm afraid, apart from a quick skim across. I took it at the end of the cruise and the voices you hear are of Gregg and me. It was a very dull and grey day. On the plus side however, it is a great memory of our trip along the Elizabeth River, of our family and friends and of a lovely dinner cruise.

After our meal you can go on the deck and enjoy the rest of the cruise, or stay below which many did as it was a pretty brisk day. There is much to see topside, a lot of river traffic. There are naval ships docked, tankers, tugboats, sailboats and other small craft coming and going, planes flying overhead, lots of seagulls skimming the waves and we even saw a few porpoise, even though very fleetingly. I can recommend the Spirit of Norfolk to anyone visiting the area. We had so much fun.


  1. Videos are such fun aren't they, and I especially like to hear the voices for then the person behind the blog becomes so much more real. It looks like a lovely area there. I shall have to do some more often too.

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  3. Thanks Ann, yes they are fun. I just need a little more practise taking them :)