Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last post for today, a little advice on smiling.

Smile Virus
Russel H. Conwell

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu.
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling, too.
I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin
when he smiled, I realized I'd passed it on to him!
I thought about that smile and then realized its worth,
a single smile, just like mine, could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected,
let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!

Try Smiling
Author Unknown

When the weather suits you not,
Try smiling.
When your coffee isn't hot,
Try smiling.
When your neighbors don't do right,
Or your relatives all fight,
Sure 'tis hared, but then you might
Try smiling.
Doesn't change the things, of course-
Just smiling.
But it cannot make them worse-
Just smiling.
And it seems to help your case,
Brightens up a gloomy place,
Then, it sort o' rests your face-
Just smiling.


Author Unknown

Like a bread without the spreadin'.
Like a puddin' without the sauce,
Like a mattress without beddin',
Like a cart without a hoss,
Like a door without a latchstring,
Like a fence without a stile,
Like a dry an' barren creed bed-
Is the face without a smile.

Like a house without a dooryard,
Like a yard without a flower,
Like a clock without a mainspring,
That will never tell the hour;
A thing that sort o' makes yo' feel
A hunger all the while-
Oh, the saddest sight that ever was
Is a face without a smile!

The face of man was built for smiles,
An' thereby he is blest
Above the critters of the field,
The birds an' all the rest;
He's just a little lower
Than the angels in the skies,
An' the reason is that he can smile;
Therein his glory lies!

So smile an' don't forget to smile,
An' smile, an' smile ag'in
'Twill help you all along the way,
An' cheer you mile by mile;
An' so, whatever is your lot,
Jes' smile, an' smile, an' smile.


  1. Love the "smile" poems Denise - had heard the first one but the others are new to me. A smiling face is so much more attractive too.

    And, I have forgotten the figures, but it takes many many more muscles in the face to frown than to smile.

    A x

  2. Very, vey cute this post !

    The photo are pretty....

    Have a good day !

  3. This is awesome! I love this post... I smiled! =)
    I will pass the smile on!

  4. Denise: That smile was contagious, great post.

  5. oh denise...what a lovely post and the first thing i did was smile when i saw the bird :)
    indeed it is a small thing that makes such huge impact.

    thanks for sharing

  6. I can't tell for sure, but assume this is a bird. I have notice when birds look straight at you they are ALL smiling. The form of their bill makes a smile. God at work to make us smile.

  7. LOL! I'm smiling. Perfect photo.

  8. I'm very happy you all liked this post.

    Anne, I too had seen the first one before but not the others.

    Webradio, thank you, you have a good day too.

    Michele, thank you for passing on that smile. you always do every time I go to your blog.

    Fishing Guy, it's the kind of contagion I like to pass along :)

    Erin, yes, something as simple as a smile can create a small miracle.

    Leedra, yes birds look like they're smiling at you but have you seen The Mad Bluebird? Even he makes me smile. The one in my photo is an Emu from Australia I believe? I found him at Leesburg Petting Zoo and I smiled right back at him as I took his photo.

    Mary, I am so glad you're smiling. Thank you so much.

    Thanks to you all for visiting and making me smile. Here's a few for all of you :))))))))))))))))