Saturday, November 22, 2008

I saw an opera today..........sort of.

Today I went to the televised performance from The Metropolitan Opera House, The Damnation of Faust. These wonderful live operas are shown at movie theatres all over the US. We went to several last winter and enjoyed them so much we had bought several tickets for this season.

I normally go with friends. There were five of us in our little group. I met them at noon as we wanted to get a good seat in the theatre for the one o’clock performance. It was a fast hour and it was soon time for the curtain to rise. We settled down to watch this magnificent performance. An hour-and-a-quarter went by before the intermission. The theatre was cold, my nose felt like a block of ice, several were complaining. I had taken my coat off when we first sat down but had pulled it under my chin to keep warm. It can be lovely and snug if used this way and it felt like a blanket. It wasn’t long before I started to feel a bit toasty, perhaps a little too toasty. The act started, the performers came on stage, I started sinking into the seat to enjoy the glorious sights and sounds of The Damnation of Faust.

I started dreaming and I woke up with a loud snore which took me completely by surprise. No one heard me but I said “Excuse me!” in a quiet little voice. I looked up at the stage and as I continued to look and squinted to make sure, I noticed characters I hadn’t seen before. Where did they come from? It took a few seconds to register but I realized much to my shock, I was watching the last few moments of the production. I had slept through the last half of the opera. People started applauding. If anyone had looked in my direction they would have seen the wide eyed expression as my mouth gaped open. My friends excitedly turned around and said, “Wasn’t that absolutely incredible, such a wonderful performance.” They were sitting on each side of me and they didn't realize I had drifted off. I was too embarrassed to tell them, so I kept quiet and smiled, probably a weak little smile. I was completely kicking myself because I had been looking forward to this opera for months. On reflection it would have been better if I had stayed cold.

We went to dinner and when they were all discussing what I alone knew I had missed, no one noticed how quiet I was with my comments. Maybe one day I will tell them but not just yet. Usually I fall asleep on the couch and miss the end of a show but this is the first time I have fallen asleep in the theatre. Opera isn’t exactly quiet is it?

So when I returned home at seven this evening and Gregg asked me how was the opera, he was surprised at my initial reaction to his question which was to role my eyes.


  1. OH DEAR Denise!!!! I have to say I'm chuckling a little. It could happen to the best of us...guess what happened to me today...I put a half a bag of tin cans in where the junk mail is supposed to go at the dump today...unlike you I confessed to two of the guys there. They were very understanding but I hung my head in same and mummbled something about old age or something.....

  2. Oh no, never admit to that 'o_d a_e' thing - lol. Yes Eve it happens to the best of us. If it helps any I almost put the coffee pot - full of hot coffee - in the fridge last week.

  3. Oh Denise - when I got to the "a little too toastie" bit I began to smile - by the time I got to the end I was laughing out loud, in fact, crying with laughter. That is so funny. And I'm not laughing at you but with you because I KNOW it could happen to me.

    Thanks for coming clean - you should tell your friends - then watch their faces!

    A x

  4. Thanks for making me laugh

    I must go and put the kettle on before I go back to sleep

  5. You didn't want to admit to your friends and family that you got asleep and you put on the blog! Now noone will know.
    It happened to me once, not at the theatre but in a gathering with friends and a snore woke me up but everyone listened to it.LOL.
    If you want, i would like you to write your address in my e-mail because i want to send you something for Christmas. As soon as i take this information, I'll erase it. Thank you.

  6. I'm laughing...
    and me, I don't like opera... So if I go and see opera, I'll sleep also...

    See You later !

  7. You must have been tired.I once fell asleep at a midnight movie but I don't think that I could go to sleep during an opera.

  8. A new award is waiting for you in my blog. Visit and receive it.

  9. I'm sure you aren't the first person to have the opera put them to sleep :-) I've dozed off in the dark movie theater a time or two. OK...if we're telling "old age" stories here's mine. Remember the owl painting I couldn't find when I did my "O" post? My son came up to me the other day and said he found it and that it was hanging somewhere on the main floor of our house! I just looked at him like he was nuts. He finally said it was in the family room...and sure enough...there it hung right by the door I go out every day! I had searched the house top to basement for several days and never saw it....groan.

  10. HI, Denise,

    I've been thinking of going to one of these at a local theatre...but I probably won't take my husband..he fell asleep last night at the James Bond movie...Quantum Solace...LOL.... THanks for stoping by my photo blog...I"ve added you at my list! Maria