Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, USA

A big day in America and a big day for me. This is the first time I have ever voted in a Presidential Election. Gregg and I went to our local high school this morning and were there when it opened at 6.00 a.m. As expected there were hundreds of people in line, mostly in front of us. Before we entered the building we drove around in circles looking for a slot to park. It was hard to find a space. I had heard that the best time to go would be after 2.00 p.m. but Gregg wanted me to enjoy the whole voting experience, crowds and all and truth be told, we wanted to vote before we went to work.

As it turned out and not long after we arrived having settled in line with everyone else, a lady came along and shouted out that those with initials from D to G were to go down on the left and I felt really guilty as we passed a few hundred or so people who had gotten there ahead of us. Unfortunately for them there were far more people whose initials were from H and onwards - we really lucked out. In no time at all we had voted and were out of there in half an hour. There were about 20 voting booths and it was all very well organized. I was impressed. The volunteers were very helpful and expedited the process with panache. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Gregg took all our photos today. I didn't even notice the man with the coffee or the clock on the wall. Gregg is so much better at noticing things but in my defense I was still half asleep. He is the morning person, not I. I found out later that Starbucks was offering a free cup of coffee to everyone who could show their "I voted" sticker. I didn't head for our local Starbucks to take them up on their offer but waited until I got to work instead where the coffee pot was ready and waiting.
This is the same high school our son attended way back when.

Gregg and I with our "I voted" stickers, photo courtesy of Gregg's long arm!

The parking lot where Gregg squeezed into the tiniest spot that he insisted was plenty big enough. I just rolled my eyes. It was early! I told him I hadn't lost THAT much weight - still living in hope here - and he needed to back out so I could open the door, that I was not going to be seen climbing out of the sun roof. Skinny I am not! I watched as he had to climb over to the passenger side to exit himself. More rolling of the eyes (from me of course). It is still early! When we came out there were plenty of parking places for others who were entering as we were exiting, but as luck would have it the big old truck next to us that had taken up two spaces to park was still there. Once again Gregg got in the passenger side, climbed to the driver's side and reversed out of the spot so that I could get in. We grinned at each other from ear to ear, we were both having a good time and feeling great.

My "I Voted" sticker. It came out blurry so I made it into a piece of art and made it even blurrier!

Now we are home and watching the results coming in. It has been quite a day!


  1. We have a similar system here with the letter in our surname.

  2. Denise - congratulations on your first vote in USA and thanks for sharing the experience with us. It is interesting to see how others "make their mark".

    By now you will know the result!

    A x

  3. I'm smiling... We know the winner...

  4. Hello Denise
    As A said congrates at using one perks in being a citizen of a country.
    Down here we use the schools as well - 'cept its usually the primary schools. The parents committee often has a fundraising cake stall outside as well.
    I love it as you get to see all the neighbourhood and catch up with people you haven't seen for years.
    Take care

  5. Thank you all very much. Yes, we have a new President. What an exciting day it was. Now for the task ahead.

  6. Thank you for writing about your voting experience. It looks very different from here in the UK where the polling station is usually a Victoriam primary school with a black and white 'polling station' sign outside. Inside there are usually not more than six 'heath robinson' voting booths and we mark our voting paper with a cross using the sub of a pencil tied to the writing surface.