Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ABC Wednesday - P for Pelican

Please visit this wonderful meme by clicking on the icon above. ABC Wednesday was created by Denise at Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place.

I went back five years for this week's photos and chose Pelicans. We found lots of them on our vacation in Florida. These were taken at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in Tavernia, just south of Key Largo. On five-and-a-half acres you will find an ever-changing population of hawks, spoonbills, pelicans, egrets, herons, merlins, pigeons and others needing help. The center's mission, after treating them, is to have the birds return to the wild.
A narrow boardwalk leading from the visitors center ends up on the water and is lined with large enclosures housing the birds, but as you look around you will see many who just 'hang out' there. It is a great bird watching experience.

The following photos were taken in Sebastian, which is located approximately midway on the east coast of the Florida Peninsula between Melbourne and Vero Beach, in an area known as the Treasure Coast. It is recognized as the home of Pelican Island, the first designated wildlife refuge in the United States. The island was the reason why we chose our visit to Sebastian, which was a beautiful little town and one we would like to visit again.
If you look closely you will see pelicans sitting on top of a couple of those posts.

We booked a couple of seats on one of the local tour boats that take you over to the the island.

More than 30 species of birds use the area as a rookery, roost and feeding area. In addition 16 species of birds nest at the refuges. The objective of the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is to protect the historic rookery and to provide habitat for migrating birds and threatened and endangered species.


  1. We have quite a few pelicans around the San Francisco bay area too... Great birds... Very noble...

  2. Nice pelicans... Beautiful photos...

  3. Wow! Fantastic series of shots of the pelicans! Great job! :D

  4. You chose my favorite bird for your P post, and I thank for such beautiful photos of them!

  5. These photos made me think of a rhyme I learned as a child: "The beak of a pelican holds more than his belly can." (Guffaw.)

  6. Aphotoaday, I wish I didn't have to go 3,000 miles to see a pelican and they are very noble birds.

    Webradio, thank you for stopping by.

    Leslie, thank you too.

    Granny Smith, one of my favorites too, thank you for the nice comment.

    The Right Blue, I remember that one too, I don't think we ever forget those do we :)))

  7. I thank you for all these wonderful PHOTOS that you have POSTED.

    Bear((( )))

  8. Excellent post! I have a computer problem since Wednesday. I'm writing this from my sister's computer. That's why i haven't post comments for ABC. I hope I'll come back soon.

  9. What a lovely pelican! I don't get to see them so often! Thanks for sharing!

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