Monday, October 13, 2008

Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC

Yesterday we decided to go into Washington DC to see a photographic exhibit by Richard Avedon held at the Corcoran Gallery on 17th Street. We pass many famous landmarks on our way, the Washington Monument is one of them.
This is the Old Executive Building which isn't too far away from The White House.
The Corcoran Gallery showing one of the many famous photos in the exhibit, this one on the outside of the building of Ronald Reagan.
 I was very taken with the following exhibit on the bottom floor by Elena Del Rivero. The photo below will tell its story.

Gregg is standing on the left of this exhibit.
There were several very beautiful statues on each side of the staircase leading up to the second floor. This one is called "The Sons of God Saw The Daughters Of Man That They Were Fair", by Daniel Chester French, modeled by 1918, carved 1923.
 This is called "Peri at the Gates of Paradise" by Thomas Crawford, modeled 1854, carved by 1859.

 A close-up of the same statue.

 This little girl is called "Roma Lyman" 1873 by William Henry Rinehart
A close-up of Pedestal for "Venus" after Canova, c. 1822-1823 by Thomas Hope.
 This very beautiful Lion's head was on the huge front door of the gallery. It's partner was on the other double-door.
After we left the gallery we walked across the street to the park. This column interested us.
An explanation of the column, as found on the Internet: "The First Division of the American Expeditionary Force was created during World War I and has served honorably in every U.S. military engagement since then. The monument was created to honor those who died in World War I; their names appear on the bronze plates at the base of the memorial. Panels have subsequently been added to bear the names of those who died in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Operation Desert Storm. The memorial was paid for by members of the First Division.
The statue on top is called "Winged Victory," designed by Daniel Chester French. She is made of bronze plated in gold and sits atop an 65-foot column of pink Massachusetts granite -- one of the largest pieces ever quarried in the United States. The nickname of the First Division is "The Big Red One" and on occasion, a bed of red flowers in front of the memorial spells out a huge numeral one.
The Gardens opposite the Corcoran Gallery of Art.
 One of the buildings opposite the art gallery.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day out Denise. Very interesting and wonderful statues! And your videos helped give the atmosphere of the area.

    A x

  2. Thank you for a nice tour. I always love to see exhibitions and visit a gallery. The statues are divine artworks.

  3. Beautiful stuff Denise, thanks for taking us along!

  4. that's really interesting, also it was good that they allowed you to take photos.


  5. Your photos and videos are so good I feel as if I have visited Washington myself.

  6. thank you for zooming in on the text about Elena del Rivero : i am very impressed, the work of art that came out of it (great shot btw with the ceiling included) is beautiful and touching.

  7. Anne and Titania I'm happy you found it interesting. I have always had a great love of statues and sculptures as far back as I can remember.

    Eve, thank you. I like it when my friends come along :)

    Gill, I asked about taking photos at the entrance. One lady told me I could but when I reached the second floor I had my camera out still and even though I wouldn't have presumed to take photographs of this man's exhibit, I think I made the lady guard nervous as she came over and said I couldn't take them, but I assured her I wouldn't and put my camera back in my pocket so that she could relax.

    Cheshire Wife, I'm glad you enjoyed the videos.

    Hildegarde, I'm happy you found Elena del Rivero's work impressive. I most certainly did. I could have looked at it for a lot longer than I did. I'm glad you liked the photos, I was trying to get as much of it as I could.

    Thank you all so much for stopping by.

  8. What a beautiful looking old building! I love galleries and all sorts of art,so I am glad to have seen a bit of this one. That momument outside is beautiful, interesting piece of our history. I've only been to DC once and didn't begin to see all that I wanted to see. Will have to return some day.

  9. Hi Denise... I really enjoyed this picturesque tour and your literature was awesome!
    Thank you!
    Mountain Retreat-Canada

  10. Wonderful "trip to DC" photos and videos! Isn't it the most amazing place! I loved the information on the monument for the Big Red One. And the statues in the gallery! Incredible!

  11. The sculptures in that museum were fantastic. Thanks for sharing, and for all the informative commentary!