Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wild Mushrooms

Still at the Virginia Marine and Science Museum we walked from one building to another. There is a great nature trail next to Owl's Creek, a path through the woods and wooden boardwalks that take you over the marshy areas. Much to our delight we spotted wild mushrooms and spent our time looking for more. It was a lot of fun trying to find them and we played our own scavenger hunt, always delighted when we found the next one. There were so many varieties, all different shapes, different sizes. The ground was very damp as it had rained off and on the previous two days but the soggy fallen leaves and pine needles carpeting the ground made a very pretty backdrop. Here are a few of the photos Gregg and I took.


  1. You have beautiful photos of mushrooms... Very nice not all mushromms are goog to eat !

    Yes great shots !

  2. So many mushrooms, so many beautiful colors! Great photos!

  3. Webradio, thank you and that is certainly true. I didn't even want to touch them knowing that they might be quite toxic. I don't know enough about them, but these photos have peaked my interest now.

    Antigoni, thank you.

    Eve, thank you too.

  4. I think being able to find so many different kinds in one area amazing.
    Colours are fascinating.

  5. such a variety of mushrooms! Thanks for sharing.