Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watery Wednesday

My thanks to 2sweetnsaxy who hosts Watery Wednesday at Eyes Mind Heart. Please visit by clicking on the icon above, to share your own photos or just to enjoy looking at watery photos from all over the world.

This week's contribution was taken at the Virginia Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach. The Loggerhead Sea Turtles were amazing to watch and I hope you enjoy these photos and the short video at the bottom of this post.

Loggerheads are found worldwide in tropical and sub-tropical ocean waters. In the western Atlantic they range from Nova Scotia to Argentina. Nesting occurs in the eastern United States on beaches from Virginia to Florida.

Loggerheads get their name from their exceptionally large heads and generally weigh between 250 and 350 lbs., although they have been recorded at 500 lbs. They are the most common species found in Virginia waters. The ones at the aquarium share their habitat with fish and two other sea turtle species, the Kemps ridley and the green turtle.

Here is the video.


  1. Oh, wow! This was great! They have one of these at the Long Beach Aquarium, but only one and I only got one good shot of it. It never came this close to the window. I LOVE the video and that it hung around near the glass. That was wonderful! :-)

  2. Thanks 2sweetnsaxy, I felt very lucky that they were such willing subjects to photograph. It was almost as if they were as interested in us as we were in them and wanted to get a closer look.

  3. Absolutely wonderful photos!

    That museum is wonderful. I lived in an adjoining city for many years and we took school classes there.

  4. Hi Carletta, good to see you here. I'm glad you got to enjoy the museum. Thanks for visiting.

  5. I've never seen a Loggerhead here in Hawaii, but Green Sea Turtles are abundant here, and we have some Hawksbill turtles, too. I enjoyed your little video. Well done!

  6. Little videao is nice. And the photos are very great !
    I can't swimm, so I don't see this beafore...

  7. I love sea world. Beautiful photos.

  8. What wonderful photos these are and what a wonderful perspective the aquarium offered for taking pictures. I can't help but compare the turtle's swimming motion to that of a bird flying, especially in the second photo. This is a great watery Wednesday contribution.

  9. Thanks Denise! Another wonderful post!

  10. How cool! He looks just like the ones in "Finding Nemo" :-) I tried to get some photos of some at an aquarium and found it very hard...these are great shots!

  11. The Right Blue, I would love to see those Green and Hawksbill Turtles in Hawaii.

    Webradio, I am not a swimmer either really, more like doggy paddling, and I would love to see them in their natural habitat.

    Antigoni, I love the world of the sea too and have been to Sea World where I usually go around in total amazement, as I did at this aquarium. I miss living near the ocean.

    Your Eg Tour Guide, they certainly were, I felt very blessed to be able to get so close to them.

    Me Ann My Camera,you're right, the similarities are there.

    Eve, thank you so much.

    Mary, he did didn't he? Taking photographs has a lot to do with luck. My luck was that they were so close to the glass. I was very lucky that day but I also had a lot of blurry photos. Thank goodness for digital when you can just keep snapping away. There has to be at least one or two good photos, that's my hope anyway.

    Thank you all for stopping by. Always great to see you here.

  12. Thanks so much for visiting me.
    This post of yours is great. It is so interesting looking at the sea world from this perspective. I’ve never had a chance to see such a big aquarium in private. I also enjoyed in video and in children voices especially in a sweet voice of a child that sounded so excited. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great photos of the turtle. They are the most magnificent creatures aren't they? They 'fly' so gracefully in the water!

  14. Medam, part of the enjoyment for me was to see and hear all the excited children at the aquarium. Such wonder in their faces, it was great to see.

    Kahshe Cottage, they certainly are and so very graceful.

    Aisha, huge turtle :)

  15. Denise this is lovely! I enjoyed seeing your photos and video! It is a great success! Thank you for visiting.

  16. Great photos and video, Denise. Turtles are so cool, we have land turtles here in Oklahoma.

  17. How cool is that?!!!
    I got goose bumps watching. Thanks for sharing them.

  18. Beautiful shots of those amazing loggerheads! Something very peaceful about a swimming creature!

  19. Reader Wil, thank you for your kind words.

    Janet, in the children's playroom of the hotel we were staying at, I heard they had a huge land turtle in there as a pet. I was going to pop in but unfortunately there was no time and I did not get to see it.

    Judi~GMJ, I got goose-bumps just watching them, so cool!

    Gemma, peaceful is a great way to describe them.

    Thank you all for visiting. Love seeing you here.