Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rain? I laugh at the rain!

There is little chance that meteorologists
can solve the mysteries of weather
until they gain an understanding of the
mutual attraction of rain and weekends.
~Arnot Sheppard~
I like that quote! Here is the weekend and here comes the rain.
I found myself enjoying it. Last year I bought a foul-weather gear jacket for our trip to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone. It's the first time I have used it since our trip, and when I looked out the window this morning I knew what I would be throwing on today. It brought back memories of majestic mountains and roaring waterfalls, flowing rivers, chipmunks, elk and moose, and hearing wolves howling in the distance in the early morning light just as dawn the broke. Wow, what a great memory this rainy day brought me.
My jacket has a hood that you can pull way down over your eyes, with a bill that bounces the water away from your face. Big pockets you can stick your hands in and even though it isn't thickly lined, it keeps you toasty-toasty-toasty. You don't feel the need to hurry from car to store because even though it's pouring down a torrent, I'm as snug as a bug in a rug. I am having a great time. You dear people out there who already own one might think me pretty silly being this excited about such a coat, but it's the first one I have ever had and I'm enjoying it. I may not be keeping up with the latest fashion, but I am as proud of my foul-weather jacket as if it were from one of those famous fashion houses in Paris. Rain? I laugh at the rain! Now, that's not to say that if it's still raining three months from now I might be changing my tune but in the meantime......


  1. I love that illustration. I am familiar with the little Morton Salt girl and her umbrella, but I had never seen this one.

    I would laugh at the rain too, were it not for the two dogs who drag in mud galore.

  2. Hello Denise!

    I love your write up about the rain. My thoughts are that it is never the situation but how one chooses to handle it, approach it, and/or experience it.

    I used to be too fond of rain until I met my husband - he thought it was so beautiful and romantic and naturally his love for rain rubbed off on me and today I love seeing it as the blessing it is for the Earth.

  3. Pretty affiche with a good text...
    Nice post !

  4. Very appropriate that I am reading this post right now as I have just been rained off from the garden. I should get myself one of your coats, but gardening in the rain is not much fun.

  5. Wonderful comments on the rain. And your raincoat sounds great for just jumping puddles (if you also have rainboots, galloshes, wellies, whatever!) :-)Thank you SOOO much for stopping by my new painting blog and commenting. My daughter owns the top painting of the two, and I was so happy she wanted it. Take care--

  6. Love the quote and the artwork.

    This post rings true as rain.



  7. Love the pic of the little girl. Oh to be that young and carefree again! Hope you don't get soaked. :)