Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Old Tin Lizzie back at the homestead.

Did you know that on this day in history - October 1st, 1908 - Ford's Model T went on sale in America. The two-seated "Tin Lizzie" cost $850.

These beautiful old cars were on my father-in-law's boyhood home. They may be rusted out shells but I could only see how absolutely beautiful they were. He will have to correct me if I am wrong but I thought he told me that his father brought this one in 1936. I took these photos on our last trip to North Dakota in 2004, when we attended the family reunion.

The one below I am not sure about other than that it was on another part of the property. I will ask Gregg's Dad next time we chat and add more details later.


  1. My dad is into old cars. He had a replica Model A for years beginning in my teenage years. I loved to ride in the rumble seat. I've never been terribly into old cars, but I LOVE your pictures of them!

  2. What a great experience that would have been Louise. My father-in-law loves his old cars too and so do I, have to say. If I could ever own a Model T I would be over the moon, but not in this lifetime I guess. I will just have to be content to enjoy them through others :)

  3. Just beautiful photos.

    I have an award I would like to pass on to you.

  4. Love the last photograph, have you tried changing these to either Sepia or black and white?