Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ducks on the Reflection Pond near The Capitol in Washington DC

More photos from our trip to Washington DC this past weekend, a study in ducks of sorts. The photo above is the dome of The Capitol Building. I didn't realize until I viewed the photo on the computer screen that I had captured a couple of ducks in flight. Later we found ourselves at the Reflection Pond where a family of ducks had taken up residence.

And now a study of ducky bums!

Okay, so I may be a little strange but I think ducky bums are adorable, and their antics made me laugh.
A ducky bum video.


  1. Great photos and video Denise. I love ducks, love to hear them quack loudly too - always sounds to me as though they are having a hearty laugh!

    Over with my family last week we went to the park one day and saw a mother duck with 9 tiny ducklings - and they were diving and showing off their ducky bums - so cute!

    A x

  2. Ducks are the best!! And who wouldn't want a sweet bum like that!!! Thanks Denise!

  3. This post gives a new meaning to, "Bottoms up."

  4. These were great. The shots are so clear. And I love the bum shots. I have some of those. LOL!

  5. Wonderful ducks! Loved the ones flying in front of the Capitol. too!

  6. i never knew there was a watery wednesday- how cool! great pics too ;)

  7. I agree about the ducky bums, they're just too cute. Great photos, Denise.

  8. Love the ducks. They must have loved you, too. And duck bums ARE adorable!