Saturday, October 11, 2008

Burkittsville, Maryland

I took this photo while driving through the quaint little town of Burkittsville, Maryland last weekend. Imagine my surprise when on doing a little research I found that it was brought to notoriety as the setting of the 1999 movie, The Blair Witch Project.

With Halloween just around the corner it seems appropriate to give you a little of the background information. I have to add that though the town is real, the movie is just a movie, pure fiction and the legend of Blair Witch is fake. Burkittsville is a small, sleepy, historic village nestled between two Civil War battlefields in central Maryland. Yet Burkittsville is visited annually by thousands of movie and witchcraft fans just wanting to see for themselves.

Nestled among the quaint small towns and rolling hills of Frederick County it was named after an early settler by the name of Henry Burkitt. Burkittsville remains a portrait of what life must have been like in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Main Street flourished with places of worship, residences, and stores while being surrounded by fields, mountainous views and a dense wood to the west. The "dense wood" of course features prominently in The Blair Witch Project.

Read about Spook Hill:

In September of 1862, Union troops forced residents to flee as the "Battle of Crampton's Gap" commenced which led to the "Battle of Antietam". The homes that were used by the Union Sixth Army Corps for hospitals and shelter remain untouched by time and war.

Three years post war in 1865, George Alfred Townsend, a noted Maryland author took up residence in Burkittsville. In the years to come he would play an instrumental role in the creation of the War Correspondents Arch, which stands at Crampton's Gap in the Gathland State Park.Today, the residents of Burkittsville lead their lives surrounded by beauty and nature.


  1. How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I have been to Annapolis, Maryland once. It was a dream for me. I went to the Naval Academy Ring Dance. night to be Cinderella.

    I had to look up Burkittsville, Maryland on the map. It does look so beautiful.

  2. It is a beautiful area both when the fields are green and now as the fall colors show. I also enjoyed you sky watch Friday form Hawaii.

  3. You always find the neatest things to photograph Denise, you are a wealth of information.


  4. Very good information about 'The Blair Witch Project' setting town. As you may imagine, I've never heard of Burkittsville, so I really appreciated it.

  5. Wonderful post Denise, thanks for the history lesson!

  6. I live in Howard County and a little over an hour away from Burkittsville, but I've never been there. I'll have to take a ride out there one of these days.

  7. Blair Witch was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen! In contrast, Burkittsville sounds like a nice town.

  8. Nice post Denise!Found it quite interesting!
    Thank you for stopping by.
    Have a nice day! ;)

  9. I thought the movie was dreadful, the girl's voice really got on my nerves, but the little town looks lovely. Interesting post, Denise.

  10. Nice post Denise !
    Your text is interesting...

  11. It would be fun to see more pics from these small villages. It seems so peaceful and nice!

  12. What a charming little village!

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