Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Activities

I have never been line-dancing. I have known people who have and find it a lot of fun, even English people, even in England. Who knows, you might find my friends and me heading there one night. Maybe? It’s great exercise isn’t it and a whole lot of fun I hear? The thought of it makes me smile and probably would them too if I broach the subject next time we get together, which will be our first opera get-together on the 22nd of this month. The season is starting again and several operas are going to be televised live from the New York Met, and will be shown at one of our local movie theatres. I wish I could see the performances actually ‘live’, I mean real people on our stage instead of watching them on a big screen. But, this is the next best thing and my friends and I are looking forward to our opera season. We’re again getting together once a month throughout the winter and I am looking forward to it.

My taste in music is pretty wide-spread. There are pieces in every form that I have found myself tapping a foot to. Gregg likes oldies but is also a country-and-western fan. We often have it playing in the background, between that and the football. Over the years, and I don’t know when it exactly happened, I started listening to it and I have become a big Patsy Kline fan. That lady had a beautiful and soulful voice and I am glad her music is still playing. I could listen to her for hours. I also enjoy Johnny Cash.

3.50 p.m. and at the time of writing a football game is on between the Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints. The ‘Skins are two points behind. Listen to me, I actually asked Gregg what the score was and you know how much I ‘love’ football. Who knows, maybe I will be starting to enjoy that in another few years. Maybe it’s Gregg’s great plan. Hmmmmm…… should I start playing my opera?

Yesterday I met up with the girls at Panera Bread for lunch. This particular location is fast becoming our meeting place. It is central enough to where we all live and it is an easy place to find. No driving all over kingdom come and getting lost. After three-and-a-half hours we were chatting up a storm and still going strong, and no one was in the wings with the hook. We always feel comfortable here, no impatient tapping of feet from restaurant staff, no eye rolling and silently asking when the heck these yacky ladies are getting the heck out of Dodge. We don’t pause for breath but everyone has their say. When there is a second to jump in, jump in fast to throw your four-penny’s-worth onto the table. I think we cover every conceivable topic there is. We start off with coffee, chat for an hour, order our meal, chat for two hours and then chat some more, buy a desert to take home to be shared with husbands or children, another coffee, chat some more in the foyer, chat some more in the parking lot and then finally, go our separate ways. I really enjoy being with these ladies. There were six of us and our ages range from the mid 40s up to the 70s. One other friend was missing as she has a second home in Scotland where she comes from, and she and her husband go to it during the summer months. She will be coming back soon and we are looking forward to seeing her.

While I was gone Gregg went over to Tyson’s Corner to buy himself a pair of shoes. He also went to his favorite pen supply store and it was no more. After many years in business the English stationery store has closed down. We were sad to see the old owners go two years back as it slowly changed into something we didn’t recognize. Nothing stays the same and sometimes it’s for the good. Unfortunately in this case I think we saw the writing on the wall well over a year ago. It didn’t seem as crowded as it used to be and the items we looked at just weren’t as interesting. It is such a shame to see it go.

This morning we met up with Brad. Gregg woke him up early as we thought he was working today and he told us to come on over as soon as we got ready. We were almost there and called to tell him to meet us downstairs. He lives on the third floor of his apartment building, has no elevator and I have trouble with stairs lately. When he answered the phone and we asked him what time did he have to go to work, he told us he had the day off. Like a lazy girl and just a wee bit crankly - because I am still tired - I was thinking I could have stayed in bed an extra hour. But when all’s said and done it is always good to get an early start to the day. The spirit is willing to do that, but the brain has a hard time telling the body to get going. There's a pattern here isn't there?
The three of us headed over to Amphoras,” where everyone knows his name” and even what he orders as the waiter greeted him with a smile and said, “Falafel?” Gregg and I don’t have a place like that but apparently our son does. I had Pancakes, Eggs and Sausage, Gregg had Waffles, Eggs and Sausage and son threw the waiter a curve ball when he ordered another dish, Cheese Blintzes. He told the nice waiter he would be back later that day for his ‘regular’. If he goes on an odd day, another waiter will greet him with “Eggplant Parmigan?” I have to smile when I learn this but they’re really good at this place. It is one of the nicest restaurants we have been to, good food, good service, and just as well we only go when we get the chance to meet up with Brad for breakfast. I don’t know what I would think if the waiter greeted me with “Pancakes, Eggs and Sausage?” I think I would say sweetly, “NO, I am going to have PORRIDGE?”

We also went to Borders and Target and then dropped son off, arrived home and we’ve been here ever since. I still feel like I need some more sleep and have caught myself dropping out a not so delicate snore. Gregg tells me I’m entertaining as he will hear me typing, then there is silence with intemittent snoring for fifteen minutes, and then he’ll hear me tap, tap, tapping at the keyboard once more. I tell him I have not fallen asleep as I would remember that. Honestly? I catch myself snoring after a trip out more times than I can count and yes, there is definitely a pattern being set. Line-dancing here I come!

The photos of this mural were taken at one of the shopping centers we visited today in Herndon. I was surprised to learn that this very large piece of art wasn't actually painted on the wall but was actually a blind fitted to an equally large window.


  1. It sounds like you and the girls had a wonderful lunch, and a nice breakfast with your son.

    I didn't know you liked opera, I'm glad you will soon be able to indulge in your passion again.

    I know what you mean about being tired all the time, I'm a bit like that myself at the mo. I seem to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, and I never used to be like that. Some days I think I could sleep for England if they ever made it an Olympic sport. :-)

  2. Hi Janet, it's been fun. One of our friends used to coach the children's choir at Covent Garden many years ago. She was the one who started our get-togethers. I have always enjoyed certain pieces and now I am learning more about the actual performances. Maybe you and I can start a new olympic sport :)))