Thursday, September 25, 2008

Various Scenes Around Georgetown in Washington DC

I took this photo from a small park where we were to meet our guide for the walking tour around Georgetown. The tour is free of charge but you book up in advance. When I checked all spaces had been filled but my sister-in-law was told that I could just turn up and there would be no problem. She printed a ticket for me off their site. It was a beautiful day but very hot. I would never go on another without a bottle of water, silly me I didn't realize it was going to be as long as it was, over two hours. At least I had a good pair of walking shoes. I was surprised to see how many turned up for the tour, there must have been well over 30 people.

You probably know by now how much we enjoy every aspect of the city and since doing this tour I also found a blog which gives loads of information on what to do in DC. For anyone interested you can find it by clicking here. I can see I will be visiting it often.

In one of the windows along the main street there were strings of paper birds strung from top to bottom. I am not sure what type of store this was but the origami made a very pretty window display.

I took this restaurant sign because it looked interesting enough to visit in the future and I wanted to remember it.


  1. And you do such a beautiful job of bringing us with you too!!
    Thanks Denise!!
    "Proud to be an American"

  2. Thanks Eve, and "Proud to be an American" right back at ya ;-)

  3. I really enjoyed these photos. It looks like some place I would really enjoy visiting. Great shots!

  4. Hi Denise, Thanks for dropping by my site. I will link to yours as well. Love the photos. How do you manage to get 6 photos (I thought you could only put in 5 on one post!)I will link to your site as well. Nice to meet you!