Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday Errands

Saturday morning rolls round and we decided to get out of the house early. Actually truth be told I thought there was a nature photography exhibition at one of the local centres. My friend's daughter told me about it. This young lady is an exceptional photographer and knowing my love for wildlife she lets me know if there is anything going on and vice versa. I asked Gregg if he would like to go and he was quite keen, so last night - around one in the morning - big mistake - tell you why in a mo - I printed out all the information, directions, times, dates, so on and so forth, yah-da, yah-da, yah-da.

This morning we got out extra early as we wanted to be there before the crowds showed up. I was reading Gregg the directions on how to get there when I said, yah-da, yah-da, yah-da "and it's on the 27th and 28th September. "What did you say? Repeat that will you?" I did, and he said, "But that's next week!" Yes, I got the dates wrong. I just have to stop organizing things at one o'clock in the morning, and that's that. At least it got us out of the house early and husband is a good, patient egg, who has lived with me for coming up to 33 years this December, so knows how it goes. I was tired last night and maybe my night-owl days are drawing to an end. I haven't made my mind up about that yet and neither has my inner clock. I do tend to be a bit of an insomniac, have since childhood and so the inner clock has always told me to join the ranks of the night-owls and that's going to be hard to say goodbye to.

So, there we were on our way NOT to our nature photography exhibit but onto another exciting place called CostCo's. We were going there later anyhow. Gregg bought himself two pull-on shirts and some socks. We also purchased chicken, a box of small cheese pizzas (3 in a box and no nasty things added so it advertised), paper products, ink cartridges for the printer, case of bottled water, laundry detergent and as we're having company tomorrow I decided Denise could treat herself to a nice bunch of flowers. I love flowers!

We needed orange juice and I love the fresh squeezed kind over at Whole Food so we headed over there as it is on the way home. It's pumpkin time. There was a lovely display of them outside and now we really do know Fall is here, or it will be officially tomorrow. In the veggie sections we bought lettuce and tomatoes, and bananas. We didn't need much in the produce area. Gregg bumped into a colleague he introduced me to. Always the way, I didn't have 'my face on'. Don't like to wear make-up much on the weekends so there you go, my face was devoid of the paint job but what the heck. I shook colleague's hand, they chatted for a few minutes and we were on our way.

The first thing we noticed when we walked into the store was the music and it took us a few minutes to realize that it was live music. We walked around the corner and there were three very talented musicians, a guitarist, a base fiddle and a drummer. They put on quite a show and people were tapping their feet and enjoying the music. I took a short video of them below this post.

My first sight of pumpkins this year. Always makes me feel good to see them.

You can see one of the musicians at the end of this aisle.

Why lookee here, the candy section and some lovely marzipan fruits to tempt us as we walk towards the check-out.
I guess I shouldn't have stopped to take the photos. A lady came over and asked if I would like some of them. Two much temptation, the brain was saying, no, no, no but the body was saying for crying out loud, what will a couple of chocolates hurt you ninny? I told the young lady I would buy two. Gregg came over and said, "I'd like a couple." I said, "Maybe we should buy half a dozen?", this to Gregg. Lady cast her line, "Would you like a dozen?" The hook went in and she reeled us in. We bought our dozen. We ate two each in the car, and another two at home, and hopefully there will be some left tomorrow for an evening treat, that is if that night-owl doesn't swoop in on them before she heads to bed. She's given herself a good talking to not to do that.
I personally blame the Grande Marnier chocolates. That's what baited the hook in the first place.
Gregg ordered the Port flavored, and I think there was a pistachio in there too, along with a couple of expresso's. We might as well have just thrown our hands up because we were lost..
Don't they look lovely?

And the rest of them are waiting for the night-owl, I mean for the treat tomorrow night.


  1. Wow! This post made me hungry! All this looks so delicious and sweets are my weakness! Nice Blog!

  2. Hi Dorothy, thanks for popping in and yes they happen to be mine too :)

  3. Pumpkins and chocolates. I'm thinking a day couldn't get much better than that!