Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sail Surfers in Virginia Beach near the old Duck-In

These photos were taken in May of 2003 in Virginia Beach. We lived here for a couple of years when Gregg was in the Navy, his Dad who spent 30 years in the Navy made his home there and so we have visited many times. I found these old photos on my mission to transfer everything from disc to portable hard-drive, and in the photo above is the Duck-In which was an institution in Virginia Beach for many, many years. It was a restaurant we looked forward to visiting and we did most times when we were in the area. It was right on the water with an incredible view, and had a pier with a gazebo at the end. This is where I took the photos below.
It has been gone for a couple of years now. We were sad to see The Duck go as it was always a family gathering place. The top two photos I got off the web and you can see the condo's they intend to build in its place. It looks like they will be keeping the pier and the gazebo. In the photo below the artist's rendition is the restaurant being leveled.

It was a bone-chilling day and very windy, ideal for kite-flying and sail surfing. This little boy's attention was taken off his kite and it looked like he was focused on the surfers.....

and the pilot boat.
You can often see the big old merchant ships making their way out to sea.


  1. Wonderful pictures of Virginia Beach, Denise! I too have enjoyed The Duck Inn on occasion! Sorry to see it go. I don't go to Virginia Beach often, mostly because I don't like the traffic feed, and I can usually find what I need (shopping-wise) in the adjacent cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk or Portsmouth. And, we tend to go to Ocean View if we are looking for sand and surf! But at times we have headed to VB and enjoyed it. Great to know you get into this area now and again!

    By the way, I am still lost about the Skywatch Fri logo. I saved it to My Pictures, and then tried to find where to do the following instructions you were so kind to give me....I went into the Layout section, Customizing and all that. Do you open up "Add a Gadget?" Or does the dragging and clicking occur while the image is still in My Pictures. I'm just such a newbie at stuff like this! Sorry!

  2. Nice post. Love the wind-surfing shots. Reminds me that I had a few I forgot to post.

  3. Waaah great I love these water sports. I did some surfing myself many years ago in Austria when the wind was not too strong... ;)

  4. Hey Denise

    Lovely shots of the surfers. What a shame the old place went....that's progress they say! Not sure I agree...if something is not broken, why fix it??

    Take care, Adrian

  5. Birdlady, it was fun to watch them in action.

    Tile Lady, the traffic is pretty hard to take at times. We tend to go the back country roads if we go down in the holiday season. It takes a little longer but it is a much pleasanter ride than the freeway. As for the SWF logo I'll take a look at my instructions, maybe I have left something out. I will be working today and have a couple of heavy days but if you don't mind waiting until Wednesday, that's my day off and I'll do a post of them. If I should forget give me a nudge in that direction. Don't worry and certainly no need to apologize, it can be very confusing at first and the only way I have learned is by asking questions of my fellow on-line friends :)

    2SweetnSaxy, I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

    Maria, I bet that was fun.

    Adrian, I agree, progress can sometimes be taking a step backwards.

    Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. I do enjoy them.

  6. Oh, no problem at all! I appreciate any help!