Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh boy, is it raining out there! How are you all fairing? Especially those of you who are on the coast and further down south? I'm worried about you. Gregg had ants-in-the-pants so has gone up to the store to get himself a coca-cola and a newspaper. I, having been out of the old country for almost 33 years now and no longer used to the rain apparently, did not want to get my nose wet. I know, I am such a wimp. The expected 60 mph winds have not materialized here yet. Not sure whether they will. I will keep you posted of course. The rainfall right now is welcome as it has been a very dry summer and the silver lining here is, we need the rain. Just so long as it knows when to quit as I feel for the areas who have had far too much of it. These hurricanes are scary.

In the meantime I am hunkering my wimpy-self down and yee gads, there is still a football game on the TV. Gregg will come back sopping wet wanting to know what the score is so I don't think I will be changing the channel any time soon. It's just background noise right now and I am not really paying attention to it. For any of you who don't know yet, I glaze over when anything to do with tossing a ball around comes on. Must have been those childhood years when I used to have to go watch my dear Dad play his cricket. Yes I know, it is a noble sport and I am not insulting the thousands of cricket fans out there. But when you're ten and a girl back in the late 50s and 60s, okay let's be fair - this girl at least - it's a bit mind-numbing, take my word for it.

Gregg's back, what's the score? Four balls you walk, three strikes you're out. Ups! Wrong game.


  1. Yep, it's raining like crazy our here in Gainesville...some wind, but not bad yet...

  2. Hi Rod, thanks for visiting. Looks like the rain is letting up a little now. Actually saw some lighter sky out over the Shenandoahs.

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

    My son and his family live in South Carolina, but when I talked to him earlier today, he said the sun was shining there. I imagine they'll get rain, but fortunately they are far enough inland to not be in danger. I hope you're safe too. Utah is warm and dry today.

  4. We're getting the rain wind so I consider it a non-event!

    Thanks for visiting - and I've already bookmarked you.

  5. Hi Jo, I am glad your son and his family were doing well. We just got a lot of rain and I know of one road nearby that was closed-off due to a little flooding but it didn't look too bad. Let's hope other areas can say the same thing, that it wasn't as bad as what they expected it to be.

  6. Hi Tsannie, glad you faired well with the weather. And thanks for bookmarking me. That's real nice of you.

  7. It poured down this morning and it cooled off tonight, which is good....

    I know nothing about sport either....


  8. Coastal NC got a big break, and y'all get all the rain.

    Too bad on the D.C. United match today.

  9. Denis, hope the rain is over! When I was a girl I always had to visit the grandparents every sunday afternoon with my parents, although I was already 14 or 15...
    Ah, thanks for putting my blog on your side bar!
    ave a nice week!

  10. Gill, yet another thing we have in common.

    Capn Ben, I'm glad you didn't get all the rain. Errr, you'll have to ask Gregg about that match - ha!

    Maria, I wanted to put your site on my side-bar as I enjoy going to it frequently. You have a lovely blog and I enjoy your photos. And the rain has stopped and the sun is shining.

    Hope you all have a great Sunday.