Monday, September 22, 2008

Nostalgia Time

Son Brad and my Dad at an
Ice-Cream truck on Dartmoor.

Good Morning Everyone, sharing three photos from days gone by.

This is my Dad with our dog Bridgette, taken about 15 years ago on my Dad's last visit here before he passed on. He is with our little dog Bridgette who used to sit so close to Dad for a sip of tea. Look at those adoring faces? Dad would oblige her by putting a drop in the saucer. Dad had just said to Bridgette, "You love me don't you?" That she did! And I loved them both.

One of our visits back home when Gregg was on deployment. This is a photo of my Mom, Dad and Brad on a trip to Dartmoor. We loved the Moors and this is the same trip as the one of the ice-cream truck above.
Dad dropped us off for our journey back to the States. Here he is with Brad at Newton Abbot Train Station in Devon.
I'm off to work and this evening I am going straight to the movie theatre for our first night of opera at the Met. I'm meeting up with my friends and going out to dinner afterwards, so I doubt I will be back on-line until tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.


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  2. How wonderful to have such nice memories of your dad. It was fun (and sad)to read this.

    (Denise, that deleted comment was me. I made a mistake and wanted to fix it.)

  3. What sweet memories, Denise. My dad fell in love with one of my cats (who was only a kitten then) on his last visit. He played with him for hours. I was surprised he didn't smuggle him home in his suitcase.

  4. Very nice Denise, I see your Dad had a good old Ford Capri. Great cars in their day. I had two at various times.