Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nostalgia Time

I love going through our old photographs. This is for our son Brad who has expressed an interest in them lately and also for us. I think the older we get the more we realize how precious they are. Material possessions take a back seat to these true family treasures, especially when beloved family members have passed on. Bea left us over three years ago. They aren't that sharp as they are old photos that were scanned. I tried to sharpen them up as much as I could.

This photo was taken in San Diego. The photographer was Gregg's Dad when he and Bea, Gregg's Mom, visited us back in the early 80s. Gregg was in the Navy back then and this photo was taken on North Island. So, here we are, Gregg, Denise and Bea.

And now Gregg and me.

Bea loved her grandchildren dearly. We lived around the corner from them for a couple of years when Brad was a toddler. They had a fantastic bond between them which lasted long after Gregg was sent to his next duty station, and right up until we had to say goodbye to her. I have memories of them marching around their house with Bea beating on a tin drum, singing a childhood song and Brad marching behind her singing the song she had taught him. It is a wonderful moment in time, and one I will always remember with great love.

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