Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moose Photos

More photos from a trip we took to the Grand Teton National Park just over a year ago in August of 2007. We stayed at a place called Jackson Lake Lodge. One day we saw what only can be described as a buzz of activity from the photographers on the overlook. We were in the sitting area of the Lodge where the windows reached from floor to ceiling. When we looked to see what was going on we found this mother moose with her calf. This is our fourth sighting on our vacation, and they were closer than the other three. It was totally exciting and I just about fell over myself when I saw them. This wave of happiness came over me, I can't describe fully how I felt.

Mother, in the photo below, is doing what any mother would, waiting for her little one to catch up when he lagged behind.

Good Mum!

The following photos show the mother moose and calf I mentioned in my previous post, when we were near the dam. We weren't as close here but it was our favorite moment as it was just such an idyllic spot, and I was already happy as a sandpiper having been in the company of those chipmunks. We were obviously not going to get any closer so as not to disturb them but also for our own safety, so I made the most of my zoom. Gregg always says I won't be satisfied until I get a zoom that will get me close enough to see a bird's tonsils. I laugh but he's right. I envied those people I saw with the huge cannon of cameras, because I knew they were seeing those tonsils, and I would joke with Gregg and say "Look, there's my camera!"

Do you see the extra set of ears to the right of baby? Mum is keeping a watchful eye, come to think of it so is baby. We have been spotted and it wasn't long afterwards that they disappeared back into the brush. What a magical moment they shared with us.

On our way back to the Lodge more people on the side of the road and of course we had to join them. In this scene there is a standoff. On the left is another mother, in the middle is her calf and on the right is a very cantankerous bull moose. We watched him as he galloped up and down and stomped his feet, he was not a happy bull moose and this went on the whole time until after about half an hour we decided to move on. Mother was having none of him and he was really upset.

In the last two photos we were in the northern part of Idaho. Gregg had decided to follow his nose and get off the map that I was following. Gregg is a 'follow your nose man' and I am a 'butter my bread from corner to corner' kind of girl. We are a good balance and meet each other somewhere in the middle but I have to admit, I get a little fussy when I know we are off the beaten path because I don't like getting lost. "Are you sure you know where you're going." "Are you absolutely positive we're not going to get lost?" I always have visions of having to sleep in the car and I know that wouldn't be so bad as believe me I have done it before (maybe when I was ten), but I REALLY don't like getting lost. With Gregg we always get off the beaten path and his sense of direction is so good I should know better by now but I can't help myself. I REALLY don't like getting lost, have I mentioned that before?

Well, here we were LOST! But it was the best thing we could have done because this is what greeted us when we came around a bend. Our first sighting of a moose. No, he wasn't close and these photos were the best I could get but oh my, I just about did a double flip and I looked at Gregg after the moose had disappeared into the woods and I hugged him and thanked him for getting off the beaten path. It always works out somehow and it wasn't long after that we got back on track and were heading for the Grand Tetons.

Thank you Gregg, you are the best 'get off the beaten path' husband who always ends up finding his way, and next time we go on a road trip I will zip my mouth because you just never know what is around the next bend. "Yeah, right!" I hear Gregg say, and yes I am smiling.

Gregg is on his own trip right now. He just called me from the airport about ready to get on the plane for Kansas City. It's going to be a quick trip as he heads back tomorrow.


  1. Gregg, you did good, Denise, I know how you feel! Love the moose pictures and think they are just fine!! What a fantastic time you had!

  2. You two! - you sound like a great team. Wonderful photos - how wonderful to be able to experience moments like that.

    I get similar experiences in Australia with my son when we go looking for koalas in the wild and often see kangaroos when we are out walking the dog. Treasured memories.

    A x

  3. wow, lucky you, i've never seen them IRL. And the chipmunk is cute and very pretty.

  4. Amazing photos, and the memories they evoke, well say no more.

  5. Anne, I would love to experience Australia. Gregg went there in his navy days, to Sydney, but I don't think he got a chance to look around. Would love to see those koalas and kangaroos.

    Thank you so much, all you ladies for popping in and leaving nice comments. You are a joy!