Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little humor to start off the day.

I found this in my collection and it made me smile so I hope it does you too. I will be going into work shortly but thought I would jot my thoughts down on the weekend.

On Saturday we did the usual, Gregg dropped clothes off at the dry-cleaners and we went grocery shopping. We also went to Reagan National Airport for the second time in a month. They have a huge parking lot right next to it, where people gather to see the airplanes land and take off. It is not only fun to see the planes so close but also to people watch. I'll be sharing those photos when I have time to organize them.

The dry-cleaning trip was more interesting than usual. Gregg had just gotten out of the car and a few minutes later the door opened. I said, "That was fast!" and this strange man popped his head in ready to sit down. He was shocked and so was I but I started laughing when I saw the startled expression on his face, I couldn't help myself. He began to laugh too and began to apologize. He realized he had tried to get in the wrong car and you could just tell for a few seconds he was wondering why I was sitting in his. His car was parked a couple of spots next to ours, and we have a gold car, his is silver, ours is a Honda, his was a Mercedes. I expect he had his head up in the clouds like I do sometimes, when I have accidentally walked into the men's bathroom at the airport. I've done that a few times over the years, and the look of shock on my face has left the men coming out laughing.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me, the car thing I mean. Back in the beginning of the summer we were in another parking lot. Gregg had popped into an art-supply store which carried his favorite pens. It was pouring with rain, a typical Virginia summer downpour that reminds me something like the monsoon video clips I have seen elsewhere in the world. When I first moved here I couldn't believe how hard it rained. Gregg had been gone for ten minutes. the door opened and a sopping wet man plonked himself down in the driving seat. He had his eyes closed and leaned his head against the back of the head rest, probably thankful to be out of that weather. But, he must have known something was amiss as he opened his eyes, turned his head and saw me. He gasped and as his mouth dropped open you could tell he was wondering why on earth I was in HIS car, and just as quickly looked around and realized he had gotten into the wrong car. After I had closed my open mouth with the shock of it, he also apologized and left as quickly as he came. I locked the door after that, and kept it locked all through the summer until our latest trip to the dry-cleaner. I'm not waiting for the third man to flop into the seat, I'm locking the door permanently from now on.

Brad and Lisa came over on Sunday night and the four of us went out to dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. We had a good time and talked non-stop as if we hadn't seen each other in months. It was a lovely finish to the weekend.

Yesterday I went into work and saw the same English lady who popped in last week with her mother; Her mum was visiting from England. They brought their husbands with them this time. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to chat as everyone seemed to pop in and all tables were full. I was flying around that kitchen getting meals prepared. It's not really a big kitchen and even though there are only two of us who work in there at any one time, we often wonder why we don't bump into each other and knock ourselves out. But we have it down pretty well and do yell, "Coming through with a sharp knife" when we are putting one in the sink. Secretly hoping it will be a quieter day today so that I can get some baking done.

I hope your day is an excellent one and I'll be back either later on tonight or in the morning.


  1. Liked the cartoon Denise and your car stories made me laugh because it triggered a memory of a similar thing, but it was Bob who was about to get into the wrong car. A bit too lengthy a story to go into here, but it does make us smile when we recall it from time to time. A x

  2. Denise, You are a gem! This is just the sort of thing that would happen to me.

  3. Anne, glad you liked the cartoon, and would love to hear Bob's story sometime.

    Janet, you are too.

  4. Your cartoon amused me and your post about waiting outside the dry cleaners reminded me of the time that my boyfriend, at the time, tried to open the driver's door of a car that wasn't his.