Monday, September 29, 2008

Lanesville House

This was the home of Dr. Claude Moore. He purchased it in 1941 and lived in it for 50 years. There is a history of all the families who lived here in an historical marker below entitled Lanesville Families.
It is a lovely old house built in the 1700s.

The history of the families who lived here.

Here it tells of its architecture.

Inside was where the wildlife photography exhibit was taking place. I didn't take any photos of the photos for obvious reasons but they were very beautiful, of wildlife but also flowers, scenery, the kind of photo that I have seen in my blog traveling, all done by members of the Loudon Photography Club. Some fine examples of their work can can be found on Flickr. I did take a few photos around the house.

I fell in love with this old trunk, it triggered a memory of the one my Dad had years ago, full of old newspapers, one a two-paged article on Lawrence of Arabia. I don't know why that one sticks in my mind, perhaps because when I discovered it I had not long before seen the movie with Peter O'Toole in the title role. Dad didn't collect every newspaper that came along, but only ones of important events that went back to WWII. I also can see all the old sheet music in that trunk of my Dad's. He was an excellent piano player and there were many times we would sing together from those old sheets of music. He collected them from his boyhood, probably from the time he first learned how to play the piano. And so I love this old trunk I found in Lanesville House, not only because it was a beautiful piece but because the older I get the more I seem to drift back to my childhood after things trigger my memory, as in this case my Dad's beloved old trunk. When I need them these old memories cover me like a comforting old blanket.

A curio cabinet with three photos of Dr. Moore, one as a young man, one in middle age and one in his twilight years. On the top shelf of the cabinet is his medical kit that he carried with him during World War I. On the bottom shelf are his saddle bags.
A close up of the last photo. He has a kind face with warm eyes. It looks like a face that laughed often.


  1. I love old houses and love looking at the pics you postt. Kind of kicks my imagination into overdrive.

  2. Hi Papercages, I know what you mean. I love the character of these old houses and the workmanship. There are details that you just don't get any more.

  3. You and Gregg certainly visit some interesting places. I loved the memory of your dad's old trunk. How wonderful to have a newspaper clipping of Lawrence of Arabia.

  4. Thanks Janet, I still have that old newspaper but it's in a storage box somewhere in my basement. I really need to go down there and sort through things out.

  5. Very nice. That interior looks like my cousin Julie's house without the stop rope!!!
    Thanks Denise!

  6. Good Morning Eve, you are very welcome and your cousin's house sounds wonderful.

  7. It is great when we visit places that remind us of something from our childhood.

    Love the angle of the photograph of the chimney.