Monday, September 29, 2008

I stayed off the coffee today.....

Yes I truly am joking. Yes, my face is now plastered on my son's Facebook so that 60 friends and relatives can see what a maniacal looking mother he has, but I don't mind. He and Lisa had just presented me with a lovely congratulatory card for passing my citizenship test and he treated us to our meal and I was goofing off a little but I was going to give him a normal looking expression, except that I forget his reflexes are faster than my face muscles. I love the kid, wanted poster or no wanted poster look-a-like and frankly, if I saw this one up on the wall in the post office next time I go in, I wouldn't really be surprised.

Anyhow, getting back to why I should stay off coffee....instant that is. I have felt a bit cranky all day. Saturday I ran out of my regular coffee and so not that I 'needed' it but I do love my cup of coffee first thing in the morning with a couple of cookies. I suppose you could call me a creature of habit. When I reached for the bag, there was enough coffee for a thimbleful, so I reached into the cupboard as I remembered someone had recommended a certain brand of instant granules which I had purchased a couple of months before. It has been waiting for just such an event, me running out of my favorite brew.

It has been so long since I made instant that when I put one of the little sachets into the cup I looked at it for a moment and told myself that that certainly wasn't enough, so I added another and another and another and another. By the time I poured the hot water on top it looked like a black hole. Hubs came by and said, "Boy, that looks pretty strong stuff, are you sure that's wise?" I said, "It looks okay to me." Well, at four thirty a.m. in the morning my eyes were still wide open and as I had had that cup of coffee in the early part of the morning , I couldn't understand why it should be having this effect on me. I did wonder why I was hearing the buzzing of bees in my head for most of the day, and I was a bit of a motor-mouth. Last night I was still buzzed but I wound down enough to go to sleep around one a.m.

Today I was feeling a bit cranky and I'm a very patient person normally but as I analyzed how I was feeling, yes I was feeling downright cranky. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be smiling inside. I was smiling on the outside today but not really smiling on the inside. I do so love my cup of coffee in the morning. I just won't be using a shovel to fill my cup with instant next time I run out of my regular brew. No I refuse to drink decaf, I still get a buzz with decaf so what's the point?

I think I am a poster child for why a person shouldn't be drinking caffeine but I just love that one-and-only-cup of coffee in the morning and that is really why I have only one cup. Of course hubs keeps telling me I shouldn't be using the cup someone gave me years ago as a joke that says, "My 20 minute cup of coffee." It is a rather large one. All my coffee cups have been broken over the years but that one must be laced with cast iron. I've bounced that thing off the floor a few times and it hasn't even so much as chipped in ten years of using it.


The Birdlady said...

Fun wake-up read, Denise, my American friend! :)

Eve said...

Ha Ha that cup sounds like a keeper, whether you like it or not! Now there's nothing wrong with one cup of caffeine in the morning, as long as it's not that high test Denise. I have my see through coffee come out of the pot each morning and with the two hefty teaspoons of sugar and 1/4 cup of sweet french vanilla creamer...well, lets just say I have a little coffee with my sugar each morning!! It's the little things in life that make our day!

John Theberge said...

If it wouldn't be for that cup of caffeine in the morning I wouldn't make it to the afternoon.

Mary said...

Funny story, and I really think it is sweet that your son would want to show him mother to his friends! Coffee story is funny, too! I don't drink coffee....I know that is almost un-American.....but I do drink tea every day. When I really want caffeine, that's what dark chocolate is for :-)

Tammy Warren said...

How sweet....I hope one day my son will post me on his Facebook. You should take that as a high compliment. I was finally talked into opening one up. I did...not much is there but I can say I have one now.

As for the caffeine subject, that is tough. I don't drink coffee but I do get a urge to each something with caffeine in it. Not a good habit either. I try to do without and the headache goes along with it. I am in the process of breaking that cycle. Day 7 and I have had none.

Hang it there.

(Thank you for stopping by my blog)

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's funny..........I can only drink decaf, it gives me terrible headaches regular coffee.


cheshire wife said...

I realised some time ago that drinking tea or coffee after about 6pm kept awake. Now I seem to be addicted to sparkling water. It is just as well that I cannot convert it into wine.

papercages said...

As always I enjoyed the pics-really enjoyed the rest of the post as well. Made me smile. Started my day off right. Thanks. :)

Denise said...

Helen, I haven't had any coffee since!

Eve, family knows not to get in between my and my cup, that goes for the teddy bear collection too :) Now that sounds delish!

John, I can relate.

Mary, me too. Not so strange you not drinking coffee, neither does by other half :) Well now, dark chocolate, that's another story and it's now the 'good for you' food isn't it? Bring it on - ha!

Hi Tammy, I promise you I do and good for you on giving it a miss. I am not quite there yet.

Gill, keep drinking that decaf.

Cheshire Wife, did you know sparkling mineral water goes really well with red wine? ;)

Papercages, I am glad I helped start the day off right. I know you do with your blog.

Well, I guess I had better get myself off to bed.