Monday, September 29, 2008

I stayed off the coffee today.....

Yes I truly am joking. Yes, my face is now plastered on my son's Facebook so that 60 friends and relatives can see what a maniacal looking mother he has, but I don't mind. He and Lisa had just presented me with a lovely congratulatory card for passing my citizenship test and he treated us to our meal and I was goofing off a little but I was going to give him a normal looking expression, except that I forget his reflexes are faster than my face muscles. I love the kid, wanted poster or no wanted poster look-a-like and frankly, if I saw this one up on the wall in the post office next time I go in, I wouldn't really be surprised.

Anyhow, getting back to why I should stay off coffee....instant that is. I have felt a bit cranky all day. Saturday I ran out of my regular coffee and so not that I 'needed' it but I do love my cup of coffee first thing in the morning with a couple of cookies. I suppose you could call me a creature of habit. When I reached for the bag, there was enough coffee for a thimbleful, so I reached into the cupboard as I remembered someone had recommended a certain brand of instant granules which I had purchased a couple of months before. It has been waiting for just such an event, me running out of my favorite brew.

It has been so long since I made instant that when I put one of the little sachets into the cup I looked at it for a moment and told myself that that certainly wasn't enough, so I added another and another and another and another. By the time I poured the hot water on top it looked like a black hole. Hubs came by and said, "Boy, that looks pretty strong stuff, are you sure that's wise?" I said, "It looks okay to me." Well, at four thirty a.m. in the morning my eyes were still wide open and as I had had that cup of coffee in the early part of the morning , I couldn't understand why it should be having this effect on me. I did wonder why I was hearing the buzzing of bees in my head for most of the day, and I was a bit of a motor-mouth. Last night I was still buzzed but I wound down enough to go to sleep around one a.m.

Today I was feeling a bit cranky and I'm a very patient person normally but as I analyzed how I was feeling, yes I was feeling downright cranky. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be smiling inside. I was smiling on the outside today but not really smiling on the inside. I do so love my cup of coffee in the morning. I just won't be using a shovel to fill my cup with instant next time I run out of my regular brew. No I refuse to drink decaf, I still get a buzz with decaf so what's the point?

I think I am a poster child for why a person shouldn't be drinking caffeine but I just love that one-and-only-cup of coffee in the morning and that is really why I have only one cup. Of course hubs keeps telling me I shouldn't be using the cup someone gave me years ago as a joke that says, "My 20 minute cup of coffee." It is a rather large one. All my coffee cups have been broken over the years but that one must be laced with cast iron. I've bounced that thing off the floor a few times and it hasn't even so much as chipped in ten years of using it.


  1. Fun wake-up read, Denise, my American friend! :)

  2. Ha Ha that cup sounds like a keeper, whether you like it or not! Now there's nothing wrong with one cup of caffeine in the morning, as long as it's not that high test Denise. I have my see through coffee come out of the pot each morning and with the two hefty teaspoons of sugar and 1/4 cup of sweet french vanilla creamer...well, lets just say I have a little coffee with my sugar each morning!! It's the little things in life that make our day!

  3. If it wouldn't be for that cup of caffeine in the morning I wouldn't make it to the afternoon.

  4. Funny story, and I really think it is sweet that your son would want to show him mother to his friends! Coffee story is funny, too! I don't drink coffee....I know that is almost un-American.....but I do drink tea every day. When I really want caffeine, that's what dark chocolate is for :-)

  5. How sweet....I hope one day my son will post me on his Facebook. You should take that as a high compliment. I was finally talked into opening one up. I did...not much is there but I can say I have one now.

    As for the caffeine subject, that is tough. I don't drink coffee but I do get a urge to each something with caffeine in it. Not a good habit either. I try to do without and the headache goes along with it. I am in the process of breaking that cycle. Day 7 and I have had none.

    Hang it there.

    (Thank you for stopping by my blog)

  6. that's funny..........I can only drink decaf, it gives me terrible headaches regular coffee.


  7. I realised some time ago that drinking tea or coffee after about 6pm kept awake. Now I seem to be addicted to sparkling water. It is just as well that I cannot convert it into wine.

  8. As always I enjoyed the pics-really enjoyed the rest of the post as well. Made me smile. Started my day off right. Thanks. :)

  9. Helen, I haven't had any coffee since!

    Eve, family knows not to get in between my and my cup, that goes for the teddy bear collection too :) Now that sounds delish!

    John, I can relate.

    Mary, me too. Not so strange you not drinking coffee, neither does by other half :) Well now, dark chocolate, that's another story and it's now the 'good for you' food isn't it? Bring it on - ha!

    Hi Tammy, I promise you I do and good for you on giving it a miss. I am not quite there yet.

    Gill, keep drinking that decaf.

    Cheshire Wife, did you know sparkling mineral water goes really well with red wine? ;)

    Papercages, I am glad I helped start the day off right. I know you do with your blog.

    Well, I guess I had better get myself off to bed.