Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heritage Farm Museum of Loudoun County

One of the most enjoyable experiences of our visit to the park was looking around the Heritage Farm Museum. It had a lot of extremely interesting exhibits covering 300 years of farming life in Loudon County.
The following two photos are of an Alfalfa and Grass Seed Drill, circa 1865. It was made by the American Seeding Machine Company in Springfield, Ohio. The development of the reaper in the mid 19th Century made it possible for farmers to increase their acreage. However, hand planting seeds was not productive enough to increase the acreage demanded by the reapers productivity. In 1865 the grain drill, an automated planter, was invented, which allowed farmers to plant more acreage and produce better yields without increasing the man-power. In 1929 the American Seeding Company merged with Oliver Farm Equipment Co. I wish I could say I knew all this but I copied it verbatim from the information sheet.

Most definitely a great place to take children. There are plenty of interactive areas, one which includes this mechanical cow where they can master the art of milking.
This was one of my favorites, the 1926 Wigginton Apple Grader.

The Waxpool General Store can be seen in the background, the front of the building is a replica of the actual store.

A lovely old wagon.
Farming tools and what looks like a replica of an old bee-hive. On the top of the ladder is a hand-held axe, dated 1750-1800. Below that is a Froe, date unknown. The Froe was used to split wood into shingles and clapboards. A mallet was used to drive the Froe into the wood. Next on the ladder is the Mallet, date unknown. Lastly is a Broadhoe also dated 1750-1800. The hoe was used to weed and cultivate the fields.

Cloth-weaving machine.
These items of clothing are replicas of an Infant's Dress, 12-18 months; soaker, booties, bonnet and a Christening gown with slip. I didn't get the date on this one unfortunately.

Turn your wheat into flour.


  1. And many, many more old, beautiful things! If i enjoy this that much, i'm sure you loved it.

  2. Looks like a really interesting museum. One that I would have been bored silly in as a kid but would love now.

  3. Hi Antigoni and Louise, thanks for the nice comments. I do enjoy looking around these places but probably not as a child. Have a great day.