Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's Flowers

Here is my collection of flower photos for 'Today's Flowers'.
For other beautiful blooms from every part of the world, you can find them by clicking on the above icon.
'Today's Flowers' was created by Luiz Ramos. Thank you Luiz.


Tammy Warren said...

Very pretty. I just joined Today's Flowers and SkyWatch Friday. I am looking forward to all of the shared pictures.

Carver said...

Those are beautiful flower shots. I don't participate in Today's Flowers but it is a great idea. I sure take a lot of pictures of flowers.

Gill - That British Woman said...

once again lovely photo's


Livio said...

Is this wonderful garden of your own?
This week I have not flower shots so I don't participate in next Today's Flower.


don said...

A fine series of these beautiful and varied blossoms.
I like your "head" graphic very much. Nice post.

Webradio said...

Hello !

Pretty flowers, and great shots...

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

OH MY!! Splendid flowers that shower my screen! Beautiful!
I have awarded you something special on my blog, when you get time, c'mon over!
~Michele J~
Mountain Retreat

Titania said...

You have got wonderful flowers. I grow the tiny zinnia in this colour. I love the white butterfly flower and the pitcher plant. I had quite a big clump of those in my pond; but somehow I have lost them. Yours are growing well.

marry said...

The flowers are looking really very nice and beautiful.

Linda said...

The rhodo photo is just beautiful. They are lovely. I tried to grow one in my hometown, maybe now I am in the mountains I should find a place for one. They would be worth it.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...


Your flowers are lovely!
Great series of shots!
Hope to see you every week here in TODAY'S FLOWERS.
Thanks for support this idea!


papercages said...

I found you through Michele (Rocky Mtn. Retreat). I've enjoyed looking through your pics. I'll be back.

Leora said...

Lovely collection of flowers. I like the tall ones especially. I wish I knew the names of all these flowers; I like trying new things in my garden.

Mary said...

Very beautiful flowers!