Sunday, September 28, 2008

For Michele, over at The Rocky Mountain Retreat.

I have only known Michele for a little while but in many ways it seems much longer. In a short space of time I feel like I have made a great and very dear friend and I know many of you feel the same way. When I heard Michele was in hospital I wanted to do something for her, and the only thing I could think of was this little gift of a fish. Okay, it might be a very pampered koi I took a photo of, but it is after all a fish, pampered one or no, and I don't think Michele will mind. Michele loves to fish so as far as I am concerned, this fish is for her.

Today's post is dedicated to you Michele. I hope it won't be long before you feel well again to show us that awesome part of the world you live in with those incredible and amazing photos you share. But be sure to take as long as you need because we'll all be waiting here to greet you with loads of love when you are ready. I have seen that in the letters everyone has left on your blog, we all recognize a beautiful soul. We all love you. Bless you my friend.

Trout Fishing
by Mrs. Eunice B Lamberton
Rochester, N.Y.
December fifteenth, 1873
Give me a rod of the split bamboo,
A rainy day and a fly or two,
A mountain stream where the eddies play,
And mists hang low o'er the winding way.
Give me a haunt by the furling brook,
A hidden spot in a mossy nook,
No sound save hum of the drowsy bee,
or lone bird's tap on the hollow tree.
The world may roll with it's busy throng,
And phantom scenes on it's way along,
It's stocks may rise, or it's stocks may fall,
Ah! What care I for it's baubles all?
I cast my fly o'er the troubled rill,
Luring the beauties by magic skill,
With mind at rest and a heart at ease,
And drink delight at the balmy breeze.
A lusty trout to my glad surprise,
Speckled and bright on the crest arise,
Then splash and plunge in a dazzling whirl,
Hope springs anew as the wavelets curl.
Gracefully swinging from left to right,
Action so gentle, motion so slight.
Tempting, enticing, on craft intent,
Till yielding tip by the game is bent.
Drawing in slowly, then letting go
Under the ripples where mosses grow
Doubting my fortune, lost in a dream,
Blessing the land of forest and stream.


  1. This was such a thoughtful thing to do. When I read the post Saturday morning, I was SICK. But the updates have been so amazing. She truly is a fighter!

  2. She is Louise, a fantastic lady on so many levels and to have her as a friend is such a true blessing.