Friday, September 19, 2008

An award from Luiz at Natural Shots Photos.

I received an award from Luiz at Natural Shot Photos. Thank you so very much Luiz, this is a lovely gift, I appreciate it greatly, and you do me a great honor. Luiz is passing on this award which he himself received, and one that he richly deserves.

Please visit Luiz’ blog. You will travel to the beautiful country of Brazil where he will show you life there through an excellent variety of photographs and reports. There is also a short video today on the Great Kiskadee, a bird I have never heard or seen before. That’s what I love about blog traveling, you learn so much from others, and I have learned a lot through visiting Luiz’ exceptional blog.

Luiz is also host to “Today’s Flowers”, which I have enjoyed participating in. You can find flowers from all over the world which are posted every Sunday at 7.00 p.m. (GMT).

I am to pass this award on to five other people who share their photos with informative captions, a task I find difficult as there are just too many worthy recipients. I hope these will be received knowing that I have so much respect for what you share, so in alphabetical order my pics are:

Cathy’s Capers:

Eyes Mind Heart:

Nature’s Tales and Camera Trails:

Photography by Leedra:

The Potted Frog: