Sunday, September 7, 2008

All sorts of animal photos

I love animals, wild, domesticated, they are equally as beautiful to me. Gregg's Dad was born in North Dakota and a few years back we headed to his home town for a family reunion. It was a great time as I not only got to meet family I had met before, but was also introduced to many for the first time. I took all kinds of photos out there, of any animal I came across.

These two are of a buffalo herd at the ranch of one of Gregg's cousins. We had been given a tour of the wheat fields and by the time we got to the buffalo it was getting very dark. I was not to be denied and took photos anyhow, even though below the only thing I could really see were their eyes, only to be discovered later when I looked at the enlarged photo. I wasn't sure what I had taken.
I called these girls The Three Graces. We found them while being shown around the home of one of Gregg's uncles. I actually got into the pen with loads of the little darlings. They were as curious about us as we were about them and they nibbled at our feet occasionally.

I was sorry to say goodbye to them.

This llama was found in a field on one of our rides around.

The geese were at a petting zoo at the Horse Festival.

This little pup you have seen before. He was also at the festival. I wish I could have taken him home with me but then I felt that way about the buffalo, the pigs,, the llama, the geese.....

....and even this goat.

Let's not forget the donkey.

It's no good Gregg, we're just going to have to get another place with a much bigger yard.


  1. A very sweet post Denise! I love the llama photo!!

  2. that is such a cute little puppy.........


  3. Love the piggies!!!
    And the Llama shot of him by the fence is awesome and my goodness ... that sweet little puppy just really tugged at my heart!!

  4. Luke, me too. I loved that little guy.

    Eve, thank you, I was so happy the llama posed for me in that particular spot.

    Gill, I agree.

    Michele, thank you for your lovely comments.

    In fact thank you all for stopping by and ending my evening on a happy note. See you all tomorrow.

  5. Such sweet animals. Everytime I visit a farm I think "What would be so hard about keeping one of those in the backyard?". Then that thought abruptly leaves my head.

  6. Jgh, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the animal pics.

  7. These are all so cute, but especially like the pigs.

  8. Thanks Leedra, have to say all those pigs had different personalities. They were a lot of fun to be around.