Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whole Foods

One of the places Gregg and I enjoy shopping at is at Whole Foods. Our closest is just under five miles away and I decided to take some photos last time we were there. I take them from basket handle level so as not to disturb the shoppers, but really the place is big enough that no one is in anyone else's space.

Gregg is trying to buy some Linguiça, a favorite of his which is a Portuguese pork sausage. Gregg always remembers his Step-Grandfather Johnny every time we buy it. He was of Portuguese descent and I think that is where Gregg first tasted the sausage, on his trips with his Mother up to Taunton, Massachusetts, when they visited her mother and Johnny. I only met Johnny once, when Gregg was stationed in Newport, Rhode Island back in 1977, and we drove up to Boston for me to meet Johnny. He took us to Fenway Park and we watched the Red Sox play a double-header - Carl Yastrzemski was one of the players in those days, a Johnny favorite. Johnny was one of the nicest people I had ever met, a great guy.

Here Gregg patiently waits in the meat department but the lady with the cell phone to her ear has put in a rather large order. He decides to go back ten minutes later but she is still there. Half an hour later after we had had a good look around and done most of our shopping, he checked again and she had gone.

It is a super nice store and fun to look around. So much to see and check out.

Next stop Gregg at the cheese department.

That night we had a Ploughman's for supper. One of those meals where you can safely say the simplest things are the best, basically good hardy bread and a wonderful variety of cheeses, accompanied by an organic vegetable salad, with pickled onions and chutney.

We head out to the check-out but on our way Denise 'checked out' her favorite, the chocolate counter and no I didn't buy any. Maybe next time?
Well, says I sighing, if I can't bring myself to buy any, at least I can take a couple of photos.


  1. I love that type of store Denise - so much to see and plenty of variety. We are sadly lacking such a place in our little corner of the world. You managed some great photos , as usual, even from the handle of your basket. A x

  2. Wow what a store. This is what you have to give up when you live in the boonies Denise. Are you willing??? Ha Ha! I agree with Anne, you should be a photojournalist!!

    I just wanted to see if you missed this post...

    You might like it!

  3. Hello Ladies, thanks for the nice comments. Well, have to say that living in these built up areas we are very lucky with this type of store and they are such fun to go to. Would I be happy to give them up? If it meant that I would get more wildlife around me each and every day, you betcha! Of course I would have to make a trip into the city twice a year to get my supermarket fix but that's do-able. Ha! Ha!

  4. Ups, forgot to say Eve that I have just posted on the page you sent me. You have a way with the words and the photography, gorgeous photo and a super, super poem. Loved them.

  5. That looks like a wonderful store, I wish there was one around here.

  6. Hello again Janet, I forgot to mention that the store's claim to fame is that items there are 'green' and as we are trying to put organic food into our daily routine, we find ourselves shopping there more and more.

  7. You are so lucky to have that type of store, it is like a good old fashioned market.

    Following your link from Sky Watch Friday, for which your photos are lovely, but really enjoyed reading all of your posts today. For those of us who have travelled far from home, it seems like life is an on going adventure of discovery.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and stories.

  8. That supermarket looks like Harrods. It makes the supermarkets around here look like corner shops.