Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dinner at Bob Evans in Manassas

We dropped the car off at the garage tonight and just round the corner is Bob Evans in Manassas. We had dinner there. We don't eat at Bob's that often because it's a ways out but whenever we have to take a car into the dealership, we always head on over as usually it is around dinner time. It didn't take us long to make our choice. I chose the Chicken and Noodles in a delicious gravy, ladled over mashed potatoes on top of a biscuit and Gregg thought that sounded so good he had the same thing. We were also given a choice of bread, biscuit or banana bread to keep us happy until our main meal arrived. We chose the banana bread. Again, so delicious. I have been in the habit of eating only half my meal and taking the other half home for the next day, but not tonight. It was all too tempting, all great comfort food. The gentleman we gave our order to took excellent care of us, was very warm and friendly and we told the manager as we left that we thought he was wonderful, and so was the food.

Contrary to what I had tonight I am still watching what I eat. I learned after many years of depriving myself of comfort foods, I was dooming myself to failure. So, every now and again I treat myself. It might only be once or twice a week and there might be even longer spells where I don't find myself craving those comfort foods. For the most part I am on an even keel. When I get on the scales at the end of the week I usually have a smile on my face as it's heading in the right direction. A little slower than I remember but hey I am 58 now, and I don't have that frenzied feeling followed by continuous dissappointment like I did when I was a young girl. This new regime is working well for me. I think we all find our own way when we're ready. It's been a long time getting here for me but I think I've finally found my road.

I've gone on a bit longer than I intended on this topic but perhaps I am giving myself a pep talk, and if there is anyone out there who is trying to lose weight, maybe this will help them in a small way. Of course some of us are blessed with fast-acting metabolisms and don't have to worry about such things, some of us are cursed with metabolisms as slow as a snail. Genes play a large part I know that too. Enough on that subject and on to....

....this incredible sky. When we came out of the restaurant I was looking down at my feet. If you remember I have a habit of twisting ankles, stepping off sidewalks and have even fallen over that concrete bump in the parking lot that to my way of thinking is very easy to fall over, and this has happened periodically over the years. Often enough to label me as a permanent clutz in the eyes of my family. Of course they are far too nice to put that into words but my falls have marked them to the point that they continuously remind me to 'watch your step, the pavement is uneven' or 'there's a step here, watch yourself', or 'there's a hole over there '. After the last episode a few months back where I am still having problems with my ankle, and because I know things happen when I 'get tired', you will often see this funny woman walking to her car with her eyes transfixed on where her feet are going. Thank goodness for wonderfully observant husbands aye? He touched my arm and told me to look up. It was a picture postcard moment and I raised my eyes to see the most spectacular rays of sunlight coming out from behind the clouds and the sky was so blue, it was gorgeous. I quickly grabbed my camera from out of my purse. This photo doesn't do it justice but I took it before the moment passed.


  1. I think the photo looks spectacular in this post Denise! Just what we all need first thing in the morning! I can hear the angels sing!!
    Good job with your efforts. I never had a problem with weight when I was younger...Saturday night's dinner at my 30th reunion will be my "treat"!! I'm looking forward to it!
    PS glad your husband told you to Look Up!!

  2. Thanks Eve, I will tell him. Have a great time at your reunion. Hope you are wearing that great jacket of yours.

  3. Wonderful photo. It looks as if you have used some clever special effects.

    Even those of us we don't have a slow metabolism have to watch what we eat as we get older. I used to be able to eat whatever I liked but I can't now.

  4. Hi Cheshire Wife, thank you for stopping in and I guess we're all in the same boat at this stage of the game.

    I didn't use any special effects for the photo, that truly was the way it looked. We found it mesmerizing.

  5. Love that sky photo............Bob Evans is one of our favourite places to eat when we come to the States, that and I-Hop.....roll on September...........


  6. Thanks Gill. Not long to go until your holiday.