Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old Slave Quarters at Mount Vernon

It truly is hard to imagine of such a time. The rooms were very dark so I lightened the photos up quite a bit, and they may not be as sharp as they should be. I don't like using flash too often as I don't know enough to use it to the best effect.


  1. we're heading to the Charleston area and one thing we will be visiting are the plantation houses and all their slave quarters and history, so thank you for the primer on that.


  2. You're welcome Gill, that sounds like a wonderful trip.

  3. This is interesting! Depressing that they lived there, but interesting.

  4. So interesting Denise. We have an American museum in Bath which is fascinating and near Cardiff there is the Welsh folk museum, where they have reconstructed old dwellings found in Wales as well as a museum. I haven't been to either lately but may do that now that you have reminded me. A x

  5. Thank you Mary and Anne for dropping by.

    Yes a bit gloomy when you start to think about things Mary.

    Your American Museum sounds interesting Anne, also the Welsh Folk Museum and archeological dig. I do enjoy anything like that.