Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scenes around St. Michael's, on the Eastern Shore, Maryland

We have seen a lot of serious looking cyclists around and about. Honestly, I don't know how they do it in this kind of heat. Don't get me wrong, I admire them for their stamina I really do but.... the summer time you will see me wearing this hat a lot (see photo below). It is my friend I keep permanently on the back seat of the car. I take it everywhere. I never liked hats but I grew to love this one as I dislike blinding sunlight more and I've lost my sunglasses. I feel about as comfortable as I can get in 90 degree plus heat and then have to head for an air-conditioned building as I can feel myself turn into a patchwork quilt, usually just before Gregg says, "Denise, you're turning all shades of red and white. This is usually a sign I have overdone it. Fortunately it was lunch time and we headed for the nearest restaurant, which didn't exactly have the wonderful blast of cold air as we walked in the door. I was just too hot to feel anything other than a furnace and it took me half an hour to get back to normal when I actually felt the air-conditioning and had downed two very large glasses of water. Before that I had complained to Gregg and had asked "Where's the flipping air-conditioning? I can't stand it in here." Well, it turned out that it was just me, the Patchwork Quilt. And I've either got to find my sunglasses or buy a new pair tomorrow.

Do you notice the Union jack on a plaque on the wall behind me? You can take the girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl so the old saying goes.

And above the Union Jack, London?

I wish we had found out about Justine's a few days ago. We saw an advertisement a little too late, that said they make afternoon tea's but by reservation only. It looked a lovely little place.

Saint Michael's is full of the most wonderfully quaint shops.

Another one had a book on The Art of Britain on the chair. No I didn't buy it. I have plenty of books on Britain at home.

Fur-babies, not real unfortunately.
There were severel lovely buildings in town, and here are two of them below.


  1. Such a beautiful town Denise! I just love "quaint" shops! Come just a bit more north and you wont have that heat!! My hands and feet are freezing today and no air conditioning here!!!

  2. Oh wow, put the coffee on,I'll be right on over - hahahaha.