Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A quick pop in and then I am off to bed.

Not too much tonight. The day went well, we were a lot busier than yesterday and I got home a lot later. Gregg will be working in DC all week and he took one of his short-cuts home this evening, which passed by one of his favorite eateries, a Vietnamese market/cafe. They do a meatball sandwich Vietnamese style. He loves them. He called to ask if I wanted one and I said not really, sounded good but I wanted something a little plainer and lighter tonight and I fixed myself a sliced tomato sandwich. I really didn't want anything else.

I started off by taking a tablespoon of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. It's a new regime. I have been listening to Gregg's Dad for years now. He has been taking it for at least 20 and he has researched many things for the health by reading a wide variety of information, Cod Liver Oil being one of them. I finally saw the light two days ago. You take a tablespoon of the oil and drink six ounces of pure orange juice afterwards. I was quite shocked that it didn't taste that yukky. In fact, as strange as it may seem, I quite liked it. I tried to persuade Gregg to try it but he is waiting to see the effects after two or three months before he will 'jump in'. Maybe if he sees me leaping tall buildings in a single bound he will be convinced? I guess I am the family guinea pig. So, dinner tonight and yes I was a bit tired, was: 1 Tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil, 6 ozs. 100% pure orange juice, two slices of grainery bread, just a smidgen of mayo and one vine-ripened tomato. I usually make it into a salad sandwich by adding all kinds of other goodies but didn't get past the tomato tonight.

And so I am ready for bed and I will once again say goodnight and wish you all Sweet Dreams, hoping that you have had a wonderful day. I look forward to catching up on my blog reading tomorrow.


  1. Sounds as though the tiredness from the weekend is still with you Denise - hope you had a good night's rest.

    I'm intrigued by the cod liver oil regime, being fairly arthritic, and feel it could be beneficial. Not too sure about the orange juice because of my seemingly allergic reaction to citrus. But I may well try it.

    Gregg's meatball sandwich does sound good.

    A x

  2. You do not say what the cod liver oil is for.

    You seem to have been busy lately.Take it easy and catch up on your sleep.

  3. Well, Denise! How was your sleep and what are the benefits of the cod liver oil???? Oh and I too could never drink OJ just before bed...I would be doubled over in the night...maybe a morning regime for me!

  4. Hi Anne, yes I am still catching up. I started the cod liver oil because of my father-in-law who at 86 swears by it and having taken it for the last 20 years with no problems is as energetic as a man half his age. Could be his Norwegian genes I suppose but he really is a good advert. However, I have read a few negatives and may need to research it a little more. A doctor is always the first point of call before starting anything, and the next time I go in I will ask him about it and see what he says.

    Cheshire wife, I'm going to be putting a post up soon. Thank you for the advice. Part of my problem is that I go through spells of insomnia and have since I was a child.

    Eve, I promise I will put that post up as soon as I can. OJ is a little acidic for me too but with the OO I have had no problem. At least so far! In fact I was told by f-in-l to take it first thing in the morning but not knowing how it and I will react to each other, I thought just before dinnertime might be a better option to start off with.