Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pre-Birthday Lunch with Brad at Macaroni Grill.

It's Brad's birthday this Monday - 29 years' old. Where did all that time go? It was great spending the whole day together yesterday as it doesn't happen as often as we would like, and is the nature of things. So, times together are even more precious. Fortunately he had Friday off, he came over mid-morning and a little later we met up with his Dad for lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill. It is one of our favorite restaurants. The table is covered with a thick paper tablecloth and there is a pot of crayons at your disposable. Great to take kids to but the big kids like it too. The three of us picked up our crayons and we got down to doodling. We never miss an opportunity to get in touch with our inner child.

The bread here is delicious and we are given a mixture of olive oil and herbs to dip it in.
This young man came over and offered grated Parmesan Cheese. The lady who looked after us was also very friendly and the service and the great food keeps us going back.
I also love the Mediterranean plates.
You can click on all the pictures to make them larger. Just use the back arrow to return to this page. I know many of you know this already but I just found out that a few of my friends didn't.


  1. Looks as though a grand time was had by all! yum

  2. I know how you feel, one minute tthe kids are toddling around, next minute they are fully grown adults.....part of me would love to have kept them as toddlers, but I love it that they are young adults.......

    Congrats on his 29th birthday!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies. Hope you're both having a great weekend.