Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Newseum, Washington DC

Gregg and I went into Washington DC this morning, with the intention of going to the Newseum. I also wanted to go to the new Butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum nearby, but I forgot my other camera, the one I use for close-ups, so we decided to leave that until another time. Don't know where my head was when we left the house, because I didn't realize I had forgotten it until I went to reach into the back where I usually put it, and discovered no camera.
Fortunately I had my trusty little one that I always keep in my purse.
We had just crossed the bridge into DC when we saw the two motorcycle police officers. One of them had a sidecar attached. I've never seen one of those on a police bike before.

Gregg's company supports the FAA and he wanted to have his photo taken by the sign as we walked by. The building in the back is the Wilbur Wright building. Next door is Orville's building.
He also decided he was hungry and stopped off at this kiosk for a hotdog.
All these tourists had the same idea appaently. They were on a segway tour.

We walked by The Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. You look in opposite directions as you cross the Mall and there they are. I have been looking at this view off and on for years, ever since we started married life visiting Washington DC when we lived in Alexandria. I never get tired of it and always find them a beautiful sight.

Here's me standing near the Newseum.
Right on front of the building you will find The First Amendment of the Constitution etched into the stone. It was a bit bothersome from a photographer's point of view to find this very tall lamppost in front of it and I noticed that on the postcards and other cards, NO LAMPPOST! Later on our way out I heard another photographer complaining about it. I smiled sympathetically and told him to get a postcard and I left as I heard him say to his wife, "I'll take it out with PhotoShop." Now that's an idea.


  1. Great to share your day out Denise and the photos of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. They are a beautiful sight. I still get a thrill when we visit somewhere with a famous landmark and see it for myself.

    A x

  2. Thanks Anne, these landmarks are always a thrill to see for ourselves aren't they?

  3. So cool to see the photos in DC. Particularly love seeing the giddy tourists on the segways - yee haw! Cher