Saturday, August 23, 2008

Video taken from the observation deck at The Newseum

This is a short video taken at the observation deck. You'll hear Gregg's voice giving the running commentary. He knows the city very well as his company was located downtown for many years before they moved a little closer to our home, but he still has to go down to see various clients every now and again. Right at the end you will hear me chirping in.



  1. Gosh you sound as though you have just been shipped over the pond!!!!

    That's for the tour though,


  2. Love it Denise! I think the best I've done is passed through the bus station in DC!! Was too afraid to even look around! I was just a kid!
    Love hearing both of your voices!!

  3. Gill, people often say that. I often wonder if working with a bunch of Brits brought my accent back. Mind you, some of them have been over here longer than I have and they sound even more so to me.

    Eve, that must have been an experience. I've never done a bus ride over here and at such a young age I am sure I would have found it scary too.

  4. Isn't technology wonderful - thank you for the trip round and it was great to hear your voices. I agree with Gill too - you don't appear to have lost your British accent.

    A x

  5. Hello again Anne, I do love the fact that we can make these little mini movies with such a small camera. They are making leaps and bounds with such things. I was chatting to dh about my accent, he agrees that since I started working with all those Brits again, my accent starting coming back.