Sunday, August 31, 2008

My wee friend, the Chipmunk

Is he not adorable?

The Chipmunk

My friends all know that I am shy,
But the chipmunk is twice and shy than I.
He moves with flickering indecision
Like stripes across the television.
He's like the shadow of a cloud,
Or Emily Dickinson read aloud.

~Ogden Nash~
1902 – 1971

I met this little fellow along the banks of a river last year near Jackson Lake Lodge, Wyoming. Gregg and I were near the dam, a place we were told moose had been sighted, and that's what we were there for. We walked up and down for half an hour but no sighting of moose. I suggested to Gregg we sit down for a while and see what happened. Ten minutes later Gregg had gone off to explore but I was content to stare across the water, and look at the occasional duck family swimming by. Apart from a solitary fisherman several hundred yards away, there was no one else in sight. I loved the peace and tranquility of it all and I was in heaven.
It was then that I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. When I turned my head ever so slowly, there was a little chipmunk looking up at me, only a few feet away. We have chipmunks here but I rarely see them. So here we were 3,000 miles away from home and I am sitting right next to one practically nose to nose. I watched him for a while and I thought him so adorable, then I remembered my camera. He posed for me and then ran from spot to spot to find his dinner. I was totally mesmerized and lost in the moment when Gregg touched my arm and as I looked at his face, he was staring in the distance pointing down the river. That's when we spotted our moose mum with her calf. But that's another story. This one is about my little chipmunk which I fell in love with on the spot.

"CHIP, CHIP, CHIP," he sang loud and clear.
"Hey, you other chipmunks, stay away from here.
He sat beside his doorway and loudly sang his song,
Protecting food he'd gathered to eat all winter long....

~Author Unknown~

What could be better than one chipmunk, but two?

They eventually disappeared into the bush where their home must have been, a burrow just out of sight no doubt. I didn't want to leave but the call of the Moose was too strong, and so off we went to take photos of yet another most beautiful family, a mother and child of the moose kind.


  1. I LOVE chipmunks and what a nice post about these little critters. Having spent time in that area, I know they can be somewhat 'tame.' And your accompanying verses were so fun.
    Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  2. Those are so cute! I love chipmunks and do not have them here. I enjoyed your story of your time spent with him.

  3. Thanks so much for both your posts. Truly very kind of you to leave such nice comments. Hope you both have had a great weekend. I am leaving it a little late to answer, catchin up here for which I apologize.

  4. We don't have chipmunk's around here, and those two are lovely. I wonder if they are like squirrels and dig up your flower bulbs?


    P.S. I got your emails, thanks, you're a love for doing that for me.

  5. Great stuff there, friend. The Nash piece works perfectly with your wonderful photos.

  6. What adorable little critters they are! Thanks Denise, can't wait to see the moose!

  7. I also love little chipmunks.
    They're so whimsical.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a real- life chipmunk. This one is sure cute! Really good shots of him!

  9. Well told, I love your chipmunk story and your photos.

    I hope you have had a happy Labor Day.

  10. Thanks for your visitin Ideias.
    Your blog is very pleasant. I'll be back here.

  11. Denise: Loved this post and our area Chipmunks are so fast, it's like now you see them, now you don't. I want to see the Moose mum and baby.

  12. denise, I also loved this post, the chipmunks are soooo cute, and you tell such a lovely story! Thank you!

  13. Sounds like an idyllic spot Denise and how wonderful that you got to see the moose family as well. The chipmunks are so sweet and such posers!

    A x

  14. You are all just great stopping in for a visit. Bunches of thanks.