Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cod Liver Oil? Doesn't taste as yukky as I thought.

I have been asked a few questions now about what are the benefits of taking Cod Liver Oil. It has come up in the conversation several times lately. At work we're at that age where we have loads of aches and pains and yes we joke about it, and have all agreed that back in our younger years when we used to listen to 'older' people talking about various ailments (actually our parents and their friends who were probably only in their 50's like we are now), we would grown and roll our eyes and say we'll never ever do that when we get to their age. Well, guess what, I'M THERE and so are several of my friends apparently. One such conversation yesterday ended up with me saying that "I have even started taking Cod Liver Oil!" The reaction? They looked at me like I had gone bonkers. I told them not to be so narrow minded and found myself telling them about Gregg's Dad, who is someone I greatly respect and admire.

Because my father-in-law told me that in liquid form it gets into the system faster, I chose the liquid instead of the capsules. He also said the emulsified is much better than any other but because it is harder to find in the stores, the Norwegian is the next best thing. I’m going to have to ask him as I am not sure what the difference is. He is in his 80’s and believe me he has the stamina of a man in his 40’s. Gregg and I often say we wish we had half his energy. He researches everything at great length and follows a very healthy life-style, and he has been taking Cod Liver Oil for the last 20 years.

First and foremost I would strongly advise anyone to go to their doctor and ask for a professional medical opinion before putting anything into their mouth. There are definite pro’s and con's in taking the oil and if people have certain health issues, our doctor is always the one we should check with first before taking anything. This will be on my list of questions the next time I go for my annual check-up. I am always nervous about going to the doctor and tend to forget the questions I want to ask. "White Coat Syndrome" I think it is called and with all due respect to you wonderful doctors out there, my blood pressure goes up a notch or two when I walk through your doors. Now I write everything down on a 2 x 4 inch card. I am thankfully at that age now where I don’t care if I look silly - our doctors should understand. It helps get us through our time together faster.

Anyhow, this is what I bought from Whole Foods the other day.

And this is what I read on the health benefits of taking Cod Liver Oil

"Healthy skin
Strong bones and teeth
Healthy joints
A healthy cardiovascular system
A healthy nervous system and prevention of depression and other mood disorders
A healthy lining for your digestive tract

DHA is a fatty acid that is essential to the health of your nervous system and eyes. It is vital to preventing depression. If you suffer from intermittent or chronic depression, this is one nutrient that you want to get every single day. If you want to get pregnant or are pregnant, you need to eat foods with DHA on a regular basis in order to support proper development of your baby’s nervous system and prevent depression during pregnancy and after the baby arrives. I am convinced that the vast majority of cases of post partum (after delivery) depression can be avoided just by taking cod liver oil each day.

(I'm going to add something here. If anyone is pregnant, too much Vitamin D can be bad for yours and the baby's health and your doctor needs to be the one who should advise you to take it or not to take it, just like everything else.)

EPA is a fatty acid that promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and decreases inflammation throughout your body. Its anti-inflammatory properties makes EPA especially helpful to people who suffer with arthritis. EPA is also closely linked with your emotional health, with many studies showing that it plays a strong role in preventing depression.

Vitamin A is necessary for proper vision, healthy skin, and strong mucosal linings, including the lining of your digestive tract. Many skin and digestive disorders cannot fully heal without a reliable supply of vitamin A.

Vitamin D is essential to maintaining strong bones and teeth. It enhances the strength and efficiency of your immune system, which decreases your risk of developing autoimmune conditions. Vitamin D helps your body regulate its blood sugar levels, playing an important role in preventing type II diabetes. Finally, vitamin D is one of several nutrients that are necessary for preventing high blood pressure.

One site actually said though that if you want to take more than two teaspoons per day of Cod Liver Oil, he recommended that you visit your doctor or a laboratory where you can have your vitamin D status tested. Having too much vitamin D in your blood can be harmful to your health.

There is an interesting article I found at the Mayo Clinic website here.

Another interesting site here. Be sure to read the part where it talks about the risk factors.

Another one here.

And lastly, another article here. Lots of benefits but look at the downside paragraph

When all's said and done we should make our own minds up but for now I am going to try it for a little while and see how it goes. And I'm making that appointment with the doctor this week.


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  2. Fermented cod liver oil is absorbed even faster, since the quality of nutriments is that of raw food, thanks to fermentation process. This cod liver oil processing method has been known and tested for thousands of years. Thanks to fermentation, a list of cod liver oil benefits is even longer because of the presence of various vitamin K isomers and CoQ enzyme family.