Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello from the Eastern Shore in Maryland

Gregg was able to take the day off so we decided to explore the Eastern Shore of Maryland this weekend. I took my laptop along with me and the hotel we are in has Wi-Fi, so here I am, checking out the photos we took today and posting them for you to see.

These were taken at the Maritime Museum in St. Michael's. We walked around the marina and came across a family of ducks.

We were startled to see a rather large, four-foot long snake swimming near them and were worried for the babies. Two other ducks came out to investigate but the snake wanted none of any of them and detoured around our family. I breathed a sigh of relief as you might imagine.

I am not sure what kind of snake this is but he was totally fascinating .

We also saw several jellyfish swimming in the water and this is the clearest one I got.

Found this blue crab resting in the shadows.

On our way down a country road later I was very excited to see what I thought was a bald eagle near its nest. It was far away and this was the closest I could get with the zoom that I had.

In the next tree was another, which I presumed to be its mate. On our way back along the same country road an eagle flew over us but had disappeared before we could investigate. I am still wondering if these are bald eagles but I am almost positive that they were. We were near a nature reserve at the time.  But of course I know better now, they are Osprey aren't they?

We were on a ferry crossing a river when I spotted the bird below flying low over the water. An osprey perhaps? I am going to have to get my books out when I get home. Not very clear photos I'm afraid.


  1. HELLO Denise! What a great trip...hope it stops raining!! Wow the pictures are great, the ducklings are so sweet! I LOVE the snake and jellyfish pictures. All the pictures you have are Osprey. Sorry not Bald Eagles! But still a wonderful sight to see! I had one fly over here just the other day. I'm going to see if I can figure out the type of snake you have there. Have a great day!! Looking forward to more!

  2. Hi Eve, thanks for putting me right. At least I know that they aren't bald eagle and I would rather know. You're right, the Osprey is an incredible sight. I think maybe the snake is a Northern Water Snake, that is how they described one that looked pretty similar after we had popped into the visitors' center. But if you could get a positive identification I would be delighted.