Monday, August 25, 2008

Denise, you look tired today.....

The first thing our dear token male said as I walked in the front door at work, looking at me rather quizzically, "Denise, I don't know whether I should mention it but er, you're looking very tired today." I do? I couldn't blame it on the fact that I had rushed out of the house forgetting to put my make-up on, not this time. (It didn't stop me from checking a few minutes later. No there it was, the light touch of eye-shadow, the rouge, the lipstick. Maybe I should have plastered a bit more on but I don't think it would have helped somehow, not today.) I thought about it and asked myself, wonder what gave it away? Body language perhaps, drooped shoulders, shuffled walk? When I know I am really tired I usually start dropping things, slicing a bread knife along my thumb, trip over something, fall down a rabbit hole and twist an ankle. Nope, I managed to get inside without doing any of that..... this time. Even the people I work with know that reputation by now. The last time they noticed I was this tired, I cut that thumb and was asked if I needed stitches - yeah right, you're going to get me into a doctor's office, I'll get a bandaid and pull it on tight - previous post a few weeks ago. I also sprained my ankle and was off work for a week or two, back in April - another previous post. I can be my own worst enemy, I need sleep more than most so I am told. Just ask Gregg, Brad, or any number of close family members and friends who have known me since I started crawling, then walking into adulthood.

I thought about it for a while and I suddenly realized yes, I was feeling tired. In fact I felt very tired. I felt down-right weary. I looked in the mirror again a few minutes later and peering a little closer to it - I really should have been wearing my glasses - I actually had blood shot eyes. THAT'S what gave it away! No amount of make-up would hide that. Good grief, I couldn't even blame it on any partying the night before. Haven't done any partying in a long while. Maybe it was all the sun and the walking over the weekend catching up on me.

Fortunately it was a very quiet day and I actually left at 3.30 p.m. I was home by 4.10 p.m., saw the couch beckoning to me and dropped down into it like I had just met a long lost friend. Stuffed the pillows up nice and comfy and I would have gone to sleep I am certain of it but, the phone rang. It was son Brad intent on leaving a message on the answering machine and was really surprised to find me home. He said, "Great, I'm coming right over then." A friend of his was in town visiting his family who still lived in our neighborhood, and they had invited him to a late lunch. It was only five minutes away. I called Gregg to tell him and he had just jumped in the car knowing that I was already home, having called him as soon as I left work. And as I looked rather longingly at the couch, dear sweet couch, thee and me will have to wait for slumber.

Good job too because I would have probably dropped off for a couple of hours and wouldn't have had a good night's sleep tonight. I perked right up when my Loved Ones walked through the door. We had a real nice visit with son-one-and-only, chatted away for almost four hours of catching up. He left not so long ago and I will be going to bed soon. Just wanted to say goodnight and to to wish you all sweet dreams.

There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.


  1. Isn't it funny where the energy suddenly comes from at times like that Denise. Can just imagine your thoughts - it all sounds familiar!

    And again, what a lovely poem - I shall have to copy it down for my grand-daughters.

    A x

  2. Oh, the sleep deprived. I made the mistake of laying back on the bed this afternoon and was suddenly awakened by hubby. I was shocked to find I'd been asleep for an hour - found drooling in my work clothes and no dinner on the stove! Oh, well, it was a lovely little slumber while it lasted. Cher

  3. Now I'm sleepy Denise...well it doesnt help that its only five oclock in the morning!!! UG!! It's hard to be sunny side up before the sun is up!!

  4. PS. - Denise - forgot to say well done on your award which is richly deserved. A x

  5. I hope you caught up with your sleep a little last night.

  6. its funny how your body tells you in certain ways that it needs a rest. Hope today was better for you,


  7. Gosh, some days are like that... you just feel so as if the life is sucked out of you and you really don't know why... just need some extra TLC and it looks like the visit from the Loved ones might have been the TLC you needed.. hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day for you!! =D

  8. Hi Anne, yes it is and I think at some point we all suffer from it. I am glad you enjoyed the poem and thank you so much on the congratulations.

    Hi Cheryl, always takes us by surprise doesn't it? Been there, done that, many times.

    Hi Eve and ups, sorry, didn't want to make you sleepy but at 5 in the a.m. so would I be. I'm not exactly a morning person anyhow but oh how I wish I was.

    Hi Janet, well, I'm getting there or trying to at least.

    Hi Gill, yes, my body gives me a right royal telling off at times. Still feeling a bit like a limp lettuce but getting there I think.

    Hi Michele, thanks, and TLC is very important for all of us. I'm enjoying catching up on the blogs, sort of easing into the day.

    Thank all you ladies for stopping by. You have put another smile on my face this morning.