Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michael's, Maryland

The good news for today is that we decided to continue south to Chincateague and Assateague. It was only an hour away and after the initial rain, the clouds disappeared and we had a beautifully sunny day right up until a few showers not too far away from home. Tonight the heavens opened and we had the predicted thunderstorm with high gusts of wind and hailstones which weren't that big, and at least we were home and not on the road. The storm passed and we are now relaxing after our two day road trip.

The bad news is that we didn't get to see our wild ponies very close up, which you will see when I organize my photos enough to share here. They were so far away I just couldn't get a decent shot, grazing in the marshes at some considerable distance, far off the trails we were supposed to stay on. All that being said we had a great time seeing a place we had never visited before.

More photos here of the museum, and you can find out all about its history here.
I was amazed to find these old guns in the waterfowl building. They spread out on a boat like a concertina. Never seen anything like this before.

In the picture below you can make out a very large gun at least 12 feet long, tucked inside the boat. There are more hunting guns on the back wall.



  1. Fascinating! Don't you love museums?? I can always find something of interest in any kind of museum. Looks like you had a good trip, desipite the uncooperative ponies.

  2. Hi Mary, yes I absolutely love museums. I could spend hours in them. We had a great trip. Thanks so much for popping by and leaving a comment.