Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boats in Assateague, Virginia

A working boat with fishing nets hanging high on the stern.

Denise has no sunglasses, nor friend the hat, cannot stare into the sun, cannot open her eyes, even though she tries at the request of Gregg. He takes photo anyway.

Gregg standing in front of one of the small touring boats. The same boat is in the photo below. He notices that there are pointed cones on all the pylons where the boats tie up, to stop the seagulls and other birds from landing on them presumably.

On the railing of the boat below I notice these little birds.

I find seagulls comical birds and so I will always take a photo of one who is willing to pose for me.

Gregg found the Union Jack flying on top of one of the rooves of a nearby building.


  1. Great shots of the Harbor life!! I love the Union Jack with the Martin house! The swallows are so sweet!! Now get that hat!!!

  2. Thanks Eve, and thanks for identifying the swallows for me. I thought that's what they were but I wasn't sure. Blogs are great for learning things.

  3. Anytime Denise, these are barn swallows. Looks like the whole family. I've read somewhere that they will even nest in boats!!

  4. Very intersting. I shall have to do a google and find out more about them.