Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birds and A Bug

Today I thought I would share some photos I took when we were on vacation in Florida a while back. It was a fun experience taking photos of birds we don’t get in our State, definitely a bird-lover’s paradise. Some of these were taken in the Everglades and at a Bird Rehabilitation Centre we found while driving down to Key West.

We found this beautiful Green Heron when looking around a Marina.

The Stork was having a fish for lunch under a pier in Sebastian.

A Brown Pelican found also in Sebastian.

We found these at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in Tavernier.

As we did the Great Egret.

But now we are in the Everglades where there were so many photo opportunities to take Cormorants close up without using a zoom, that was an incredible exerience.

You would find many of them with outspread wings, drying them in the warm sun after diving and swimming for fish.

You might remember my post of the little Palm Warbler. I posted this photo some time ago having found an altered picture from when I was learning a few techniques on Paint Shop Pro. This is the original version I had been looking for.

And now for the bugs we found on the palm trees. Wow! Such interesting grasshoppers? Not actually sure if these are a type of grasshopper but they sure were interesting to look at.

I hope to go back down to Florida one day.


  1. Those are great! I love seeing the sea birds, also since living inland, I don't see many. YOu found a bunch of great ones to photograph. Love the Green Heron. That Palm Warbler is neat! Very pretty colors. What large dark green grasshoppers! Wow.

  2. Thanks so much Mary. I'm glad you enjoyed this selection of birds. We live inland also and don't get to see them unless we go on a vacation. We have Great Blue Herons and Egrets around here though, and I occasionally see those.

  3. Hi Denise! My boys saw the black and yellow grasshoppers and immediately thought of Kamen Rider, the Japanese costumed action series they watch on DVD, along with Kikaida. I am beginning to wonder if Kikaida and Cicada have any link. Kamen Rider has a big grasshopper head too...hahaha...take care! Love your photos! kai

  4. Thanks for stopping by Kai and for the lovely comment about my photos. I was happy to see you here. I am also interested in whether there is a connection between the two, Kikaida and Cicada. Kamen Rider sounds like something my son would be interested in and he loves to watch Japanese movies with subtitles.

    I wish you and your dear boys a very happy Sunday.

  5. Incredible how you can take such beautiful close- ups without zooming in!

  6. Ha Ha Denise Love the birds...not so in love with the bug!! Although these pictures are wonderful! Quite a lovely color for a nasty beast! I'm sick of grasshoppers this year, we've never had so's pretty bad when you have to keep you mouth closed on a nature walk because of the grasshoppers!!!!