Monday, July 7, 2008

Whiffle Ball

It's tradition at the family 4th of July backyard picnic for the younger members and a few of the older ones - in this case Gregg - to organize a game of whiffle ball. I don't know what Brad was talking about here.

Here he is racing for the ball with his cousin Chris. I can't remember who ended up getting it.

Chris' wife Danielle.
Gregg is at bat and Brad is pitching.

This was the shortest whiffle ball game that I ever remember.

Fifteen minutes after the start of it, we had a good old Virginia summer downpour. Chris and Danielle took shelter under a tree but didn't stay there long for obvious reasons.

I didn't want to stand under that tree and besides I'm English, it's just a little rain. I got soaked walking to the tent. I don't run, Gregg runs but then he was in a running frame of mind having played earlier.

Everyone was taking shelter under the tent and the rain ended about 15 minutes later.

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