Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is where I work.

This picture was originally a photograph I took a couple of years back and at that time I had just bought a new psp program that I couldn't wait to play around with. I pushed so many buttons and clicked here, clicked there, and had no idea how I got this effect but I liked it enough to file away. Just now I was looking through some of my folders and will post various photo/psp creations. Above you will be able to see the dining area at our little shop.

Just had a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch in our area, so i think I'm going to shut off for a while and keep an eye on the weather. It's pouring like a monsoon out there. See you later.


  1. Hi Denise!
    Your work turned out beautiful!!! It's hard when you come up with something so interesting and then can't remember how it was done. I hope you remember so you can do it again sometime!!
    Hope you didn't get any bad weather!

  2. That's sweet of you Eve, I found a whole bundle of photos I pushed buttons on not knowing what the heck I was doing, filing them away and just finding them. That was nice but sure would like to know what I did to get there.

    The storm has passed thanks and I hope it didn't cause too much trouble for people.

  3. What a terrific place and a terrific photo! I wondered while reading another post if you worked at a tea shop or something of that sort. I'd love to sit down there a realx, it is so inviting looking.

  4. oh my gosh that is so are talented,


  5. Thank you Mary and Gill, I just wish I could repeat the process. It was all Paint Shop Pro. Our little place people seem to enjoy very much, those who aren't looking for something like the Ritz-Carlton that is. The original owner fashioned it after a 1950's tea room when she first opened, and that's what most people enjoy, the informality of it all.