Monday, July 21, 2008

Still in California Mindy Story No. 2

I remember a time when I came down with the worst cold in I couldn’t remember when. It might have been the flu. Whatever it was after getting Brad off to school I decided to go back to bed and sleep the darned thing away until he came home that afternoon. I wasn’t moving for the rest of the day, or so I thought but the phone rang. I let the answering machine pick it up and it was the school nurse. Thinking it was about Brad I picked up, only to be told that Mindy was feeling very ill and it had been decided that she should go home. I told her I was sick myself and without missing a beat, she told me that I was on the emergency list along with two other ladies, but I was the only one who had answered the phone, could I please come and get her? Otherwise she would have to stay in the nurse’s office until her parents came at the end of school? It didn’t occur to me at the time who on earth was going to look after her at home.

That nurse obviously didn’t believe that I was THAT sick. I was told I could pick her up at the nurse’s office, only when I got there, no Mindy. She apparently had gone to get her bag from her locker, and I waited and I waited and I waited, coughing and sneezing, the nurse looking at me with a wrinkled nose and did I see that woman backing away as far as she could? I took exception to being treated in such a way. I could have told her as grumpy as I was, that I didn’t HAVE to get out of bed to come here. I thought that she must love her job as a school nurse, with all those sick kids to take care of. It was going around.

Nurse Ratchett said, “Maybe you should go look for Mindy, the lockers are that way. I can't leave the office” So, that way I went but again no Mindy. My bed was calling and I was just about to go tell the nurse to go find Mindy herself when out of the bathroom she appeared. “Oh Mrs. D, where’ve you been? You wouldn’t believe how sick I am, I really feel awful.” Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. “I know. Come on, we’ll get you home in 15 minutes.” So we told the school nurse we were on our way and I do believe I heard a big sigh of relief as we left the office.

Mindy chattered all the way home, coughing and sneezing on her side of the car, as I was coughing and sneezing on mine. She said, “Oh, are you sick too?” I mumbled something, being thankful that I could drop her off soon and go back to my bed. We rolled into her driveway and there was a car parked in it. I said, “Mindy, whose car is that?” She replied in a very haughty tone, “Oh that’s my Dad, he is home today but we had a fight last night and I certainly wasn’t going to call HIM!” With that, she opened the door and I heard myself saying, “Goodbye Mindy, get better soon”, at the same time fighting the urge to reach over because I swear, I think at that moment in time Mother Teresa herself would have had a hard time not slapping her, and under my breathe as I saw her walking up to her front door, I probably said something else that I have long since forgotten but wouldn’t be able to repeat here anyhow. I went back to bed and ignored the phone for the rest of the day.

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