Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photo Moments with Brad and Lisa

Brad discovered how much he liked my camera and asked to borrow it. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree as he enjoys taking photos as much as I do. It wasn't until after they had left when I downloaded them that night that I found these. This is in the front room. There is a huge wall-to-wall mirror which he put to good use. He was upset that they came out a bit fuzzy but I truly thought they had a nice effect, and I asked if he minded if I kept them. I think they are great.


  1. i also very much like these photos...tell him the blur effect looks very artsy :) i have an entire folder full of self-portrait photos taken in various mirrors i encounter. it is quite difficult to get them any other way but blurred. thank you for linking to my blog. how nice of you!

  2. I like these photos also quite different, he's got talent just like his mother!!!


  3. You ladies are so sweet and thank you for the kind comments. I will pass them on to my son.

    I love both your blogs and it is such a pleasure to check in each day to see what interesting things you have written about, and always love those photos.

    Have a great week.